@checkervest something about the combination of very dark eyes and those big, wonderful ears just looks so adorable

Minnie was never nuts about mac'n'cheese, but maa-an, does she love her leftover lobster bisque.

@flugennock penny goes absolutely wild for any kind of human food, including sweets

@checkervest Minnie has loved leftovers ever since she adopted us. She likes her cat food OK, but she goes hog wild for leftover bits of pork chops, steak, chicken, any kind of cream sauce.

That's how she earned her name: short for "Minnie The Moocher (of Leftovers)".

@checkervest At the shelter, they were calling her "China" because her facial markings resembled a Chinese opera mask. But once we saw her going ga-ga for leftovers, she was "Minnie The Moocher".

You can almost see the little cartoon smell lines wafting from the mac'n'cheese to kitty's nose and kind of lifting her(?) and levitating her into the kitchen.

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