I made the mistake of watching an actual video clip of the wee baby yoda today and oh my goodness, oh my goodness


It's weapons-grade, right? Like, it shouldn't have been possible for someone to have done this.

@Quixote171 the pictures were adorable, the video is devastating, I experienced an entirely unexpected amount of feelings seeing it in motion

@checkervest I've managed to resist so far, we'll see how long I can hold out

@balrogboogie I highly suggest you continue resisting, there were tears in my eyes, give the wee baby yoda anything that they require, they deserve it

@kioskwitch my resolve was firm until I watched it but now... now I might have to watch the show

@checkervest its weird because technically it sounds very interesting (samurai movie plots! baby yoda! ... star wars!) but somehow,,

@kioskwitch I absolutely refuse to have to pay for yet another streaming service, I refuse, but this show is relevant to literally all my interests and I don’t know for how long my resolve will hold

@checkervest but consider: all the time youll lose scrolling through streaming services

@kioskwitch exactly, I spend so much time not really watching the ones I pay for now, why on earth would I add another one to the mix

@checkervest Disney engineered that little bastard with utterly lethal precision and it lives in my heart now, send help

@photophoregirl a fifteen second clip completely undid me, I can’t imagine watching the actual show

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