comic sans is a perfectly fine (if flawed) font, and the main problem with it is that people overuse it in weird contexts

but papyrus just sucks

this toot brought to you by hearing somebody describe Comic Sans as "the worst font ever," which it *isn't*

it's *fine* in the appropriate *context*, which is true for *every font*

you don't use fucking Baskerville for a child's birthday party invite, either

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@Alexis I read something recently that said it's actually easier to write new content while using comic sans, because it feels more like freehand writing as opposed to formal writing

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@checkervest Oh, I *had* heard the first half of that before, but not the second. That... makes sense? It probably makes sense.

@Alexis their reasoning was that the childish shape of comic sans gives you room to get your rough draft out without thinking of it as final product and freezing up, I haven't tried it but I"m going to the next time I write just to see

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