Jezebel’s scary story contest is eh this year

scary story in six words 

scary story in six words 

scary story in six words 

scary story in six words 


One universe to the left of ours, the entire planet has high-speed Internet. Participation in social media is not mandatory but it does deeply and directly impact political decisions. It seems okay but the ONLY platform available is Twitter!

@checkervest This is the third time you've asked, and I tell you the same one every time.

@checkervest There's a ghost in your house. You haven't seen it because it's scared of you after misunderstanding your name as "Alexa"

@checkervest you want a real one or a pretend one? i can do the first for sure, the second maybe

scary story 

@alexis ughh I was so afraid this was going to happen as soon as I heard hbo was getting involved with Sesame Street. Fuck that

@checkervest David Bowie didn't die in 2016. He has been taking all the cool people with him to a parallel universe, leaving us all behind in this shittier one.

@checkervest a couple's doberman was choking in the middle of the night so they sent him to the vet; later that night, the vet told them to get out of the house immediately. an hour later, there was a swat team who was carrying a man out from the basement with his pointer finger missing; the dog had swallowed and choked on a home invader's finger

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