Please enjoy this unintentionally hilarious item I just ran across in our official safety information

"Employees are made aware of the functions of ladders"

@kioskwitch I'm starting to worry that maybe I don't know *enough* functions of ladders

maybe there are secret ladder functions

@checkervest maybe there will be an hourlong meeting about it

@kioskwitch there are apparently annual ladder safety meetings, I am sure they are An Experience

@checkervest My last company did a similar silliness about them not wanting us climbing ladders etc. I reminded them that I climbed their 1000 foot tower on a regular basis!

@GoatsLive I'm sure it's to do with OSHA requirements but I am laughing at the way they termed it

@checkervest when you are finally aware, please enlighten us!

@jasonscheirer @checkervest @hummingrain My wife's work had to take training warning them that chairs can be used as weapons.

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