A skink just walked past my desk! How on earth did it get in the building

Success!! 🎉🎉🎉 he’s been released outside, now I can go home and not stay up all night worrying something bad’s going to happen to him

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@zoec he's okay, but he won't stay that way if I can't catch him and put him outside. I came really close this time but bungled it at the last minute, hopefully he comes back out to get some more sun and I can catch him before I leave for the day

@qwazix thank you!! I like how well the skink's colors show up here

@sousaphone me too, I really didn’t want to leave him in the office overnight, it’s a very bad environment for a little baby lizard

@checkervest skinks are so gorgeous!! i love them and i'm glad this one is safe ..

@aflightybroad me too! I’ve been stressing all day over it, it was a relief to put this one out on the grass

@checkervest rescuing lizards is the most wholesome task, i had to get a baby anole out of the trash a while ago .. it's always good

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