I am on a very large amount of cold medication and I am feeling astoundingly better for the first time since Monday, reply to this post if you’d like A) a compliment or B) an encouraging message or C) a fact I find interesting, or any combination of the above. I can’t promise coherency but I’m happy and I want to share it 😄


@kioskwitch a father and son duo working in the late 1800s made hundreds of glass anatomical models of sea life and fruit and atoms, which were tossed out or left to languish in closets when sturdier plastic models became readily available. The Blaschkas were adamant that these were just everyday models and not very impressive but every single one looks like an art piece and they're gorgeous and accurate. Their techniques have been completely lost

@kioskwitch I'm glad you like it! the google image page for them is a great place to go if you need to chill out and look at something ethereally beautiful for a few minutes

@checkervest @kioskwitch They're all impressive, but I can't even believe that first one is real.

@pillowcat @kioskwitch it’s also cool because their sea life models were especially appreciated because it was almost impossible to get good real specimens to study, one of the blaschkas just happened to see a lot of sea creatures on a sea voyage and thought “hey, I can make that with glass”

@checkervest @pillowcat @kioskwitch that sea slug (at least I think that's what the last one is) is absolutely gorgeous. The best thing about the glass fabrication is that it captures the luminous semitransparency of a lot of sea creatures

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