I just ordered a bunch of ridiculous childhood nostalgia candy online but fuck it, it's my birthday and I'll order extremely location-specific treats if I want to

@checkervest Oh! Happy birthday! Nom all the good candy :3

@Jenkar thank you!! 🎉 😄 it'll be a couple of days before it comes in, but it will be nice to look forward to it


I'd like to compliment you one working "childhood nostalgia candy" and "fuck it" into a single toot. Well done.

@checkervest Happy birthday. Have a great day. You're so wonderful and it's lovely to know you on here.

@checkervest hey, happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

Sounds like a sweet idea 😄

@checkervest happy birthday, birthday month sharer 🎉🎉🎉

@coffeentacos thank you!! I firmly believe that May birthdays are the best birthdays 🎂

@MordecaiPinhas thank you!! Roman Candy, which features in several of my best childhood memories

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