Since we're talking about extinct monstrosities take a moment to remember platybelodon, who looks absolutely furious to be alive in every single artist's recreation

@daylight I firmly believe every animal I meet could be my friend someday but platybelodon makes me break out into fear sweats

@checkervest @daylight looks a lot like a protoelephant tbh

elephants are pretty chill if people are chill with them afaik

so i’m thinking this protoelephant would be protochill

I’m rather fond of extinct monstrosities. Even this angry beast.

@InvaderXan I would love to be able to know what it actually looked like, because no two artists seem to be able to agree. I feel like it would be much less unsettling to see it as it actually was and not as "our best guess as to what it was based solely on how other animals look now"

It seems like they always have to use a ton of guesswork. Especially when it’s such a strange looking animal! I really do wonder what it really looked like. And how evolution even did that!

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