It's extremely telling what that gender test that's going around perceives as masculine and feminine gender roles

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Take it with an extremely large grain of salt, it is hilariously reductive and based on harmful stereotypes of so-called traditional masculine and feminine gender roles

Eher richtung "nix":

"A person who had high identification with both characteristics would be categorized as "androgynous". A person who has low identification with both dimensions would be considered "undifferentiated"."

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A reasonable gender test Show more

To its defense, the test appears to be aware about being nonsense as a gender test. Also, it says "gender ROLE test" which very slightly better, yet still problematic.

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@fiona @calisti @InvaderXan true! Looking at her information, this quiz is actually checking on how well people conform to culturally appropriate gender roles as recognized in the 1970's, which would have been a nice note to have at some point in the literature for the quiz.

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I suspect my result will probably vary with my mood. Presently I’m “casually feminine”.

@thrype @InvaderXan
As am I.

This seems to reinforce my belief that I'm more demigendered than anything else, even though I realize the test is rubbish.

@checkervest @calisti @InvaderXan

"internationally validated parameters"

i don't remember that meeting. did anyone else go?

truthfully it pegged me as only 60% gender which makes sense

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