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When I walked into my office this morning I froze in the doorway and hissed "A child has been sitting at my desk" so I guess I'm finally becoming the storybook witch I wanted to be when I was 8

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Might take a little mental health break from mastodon, see y’all when I see you 💜

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Now I just need to figure out what sounds like someone unlocking my security door because every time it happens my adrenaline goes through the roof

Been trying to figure out what I’ve been hearing all day in my house that sounds like someone knocking or hammering haphazardly and it’s the wind knocking the wooden block on my chimes into the back wall of my house

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I’m in a bus on the way to Gloucester and there’s a mother on the back of the top deck trying to help her child say the letter “Q”

Mother: Kyew
Child: Coo-ok?
Mother: K ee y oo ew
Child: Coo oo ew?
Mother: kh
Child: kh!
Mother: kh yoo
Child: Coo?

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I'd love to see someone do a modern retelling of Ray Bradbury's "There Will Come Soft Rains", set at a modern-day Consumer Electronics Show.

It’s warm enough outside right now that I can sit on my back steps and listen to distant trains, easily my favorite part of living where I live

Do you ever get about five minutes into a movie and you just instinctively know that it was written because someone found a great location and they had to come up with a quick justification to film there

I’m home sick today, what movie should I watch?

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I’m in a restaurant and they’re playing some soft plinky piano music that sounds like it would play over a world-weary PI in the third act of a noir film who’s stopped trudging through the heavy rain for a moment after a long difficult night to glance into the windows of a diner where all the people seem happy, eating breakfast together in small groups in the golden light, and the PI reflects that you never truly know a person, not really

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Every food with the word salad in its name is good for you

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It sounds like there are two or three different types of owls and also a hawk in the vicinity of the park today

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