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Found on Facebook.

I think this is very apt. The whole point here is to try and change things going forward and for those who still want to learn.

I was a bit concerned about the rumored issues with the keyboards on the new MacBook pros, but bought one anyway. Now I have a broken keyboard. Guess I’m going to be working off my raspberry pi for then next week or so

Wacky Idea:

Step 1: Create some awful blockchain/gig economy company

Step 2: Hire a 20something white cis man to be a fake co-founder so you can get VC money

Step 3: Instead of wasting tons of VC money on SF office space and free beer, run the company frugally and burn through the rest of the cash on social welfare projects

Step 4: Still don't make profit and fail, just like all of the other startups in the space, but fail with a legacy of turning VC money into actual social good

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I was looking through some old photos tonight and found a mock-up I made for a friend. He described to me a basic ikea style sit/stand desk and I thought the concept was interesting (I’d never heard of them before), and this image was what I thought was an elegant solution. There are a lot of small details you can’t see- I’ve long since lost the model, but it’s such a great reminder of how hard simplicity can be- and how much effort it really takes to distill a need into a usable product.

Much like bright colors are a warning of danger in the animal kingdom, the noxious aroma of axe body spray lingering in the air warns other members of the species that the human they are about to interact with is a huge douchebag

Having a parrot is kind of like playing an old school point-and-click adventure. I'll have him on my hand and he'll communicate that he wants to go *somewhere*- but no other clues are given, so I end up waving him vaguely in the direction of every thing in the apartment until I find the one object he was demanding to go to.

I'm now getting spam that's trying to get me to pay cash for random cryptocurrencies. Can we please pop the bubble and be done with this ridiculous blockchain crap now?


Our landlord left large (> 1 square foot) holes in the wall behind our stove and cabinets near the dishwasher, plus never attached baseboards to places in our kitchen. Instead of fixing them apparently he just wrote into our lease that mouse control is our responsibility. I’m glad we have family that was physically able to move appliances to help us track where they were getting in and can help us patch up the holes since our landlord is completely unresponsive.

JamesJoyc++ is unnecessarily complex and inscrutable but somehow still popular.

I wish more stores would consider how the volume and type of music they play is an accessibility issue. I have major panic attacks nearly every time I go shopping because of how incredibly overwhelming the music is in nearly every single store these days.

We bought a motion sensing trashcan that opens the lid when you approach it and closes when you walk away and it's a stupid frivolous way-too-expensive thing but it's already been so nice I can't imagine going back.

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I wonder how much would change if people were required to be paid market rate for their time if the interview process went past a certain point. How many broken things in tech are caused by the fact that costs of hiring and of bad hires are so heavily externalized and put on candidates. If companies were forced to realize a larger portion of the cost for their process would we see things change for the better?

Elm on the frontend is kinda starting to make me feel the same way I feel about Go on the backend. It makes a lot of things really easy and the APIs are very nice. It always seems like a good choice right up until I find a huge wall caused by the intentional omission of some feature or another, and then I'm back to wondering if I actually like it or not.

I wish folks from these languages with great communities and APIs would work more on languages that are more powerful and expressive.

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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

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