I got my first COVID vaccine shot this afternoon! I found out yesterday that my state had recently expanded eligibility, and was able to book an appointment an hour away from my house.

If you look closely, Mars is actually visible as a small disk, not just a single pixel.

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The Moon and Mars, last night. (Unfortunately, I didn't find out about the conjunction until about 3.5 hours after their closest approach at my location.)


I think that I just got polled by the Tom Steyer campaign.

@CobaltVelvet You recently mentioned building SQL using Rust. What crate were you using for that?

A bird got stuck in the atrium at my office yesterday. Animal control eventually came, and was able to safely catch it an release it elsewhere. Some other folks figured out that it was a Roseate Spoonbill.

I was in San Francisco recently, and I took some photos. Here’s the Golden Gate Bridge with the city in the background.

NASA’s Super Guppy was in town this week to pick up some hardware. I tried to get a picture of it taking off, but I guessed the wrong end of the runway and only got it taxiing.


I just got a phone call poll for the Alabama senate race. I’ve never done one of those before. (Of course I said that I was voting for Doug Jones.)


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