looking for beginners package writing guide for nix and guix (on foreign host os)
can anyone provide some info ?

#linux #guix #nix #nixos
@cbaines @sss thx for reply, i have already read this, but this just create more questions ), i am often prefer to work with latest code (git-master/svn-trunk/ e.t.c.), also it is often more convenient to work with vcs repo even for releases (in case of multiple versions of project involved), i do not see if it is possible to fetch code via vcs system and check for example commit signature instead of traball checksum, also i am not able to find guix modules reference (i have zero knowledge in lisp so reading code is a bit too hard for me right now)
official docs does provide sufficient for start description of build systems, but does not provide enough info about fetching methods and dependencies handling, or maybe i just missed something ?

i will be glad to see some mid-complexety packages based on git/svn/hg fetching
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