, a great time to test how things you work on fail on IPv6 only networks...

At least my mail server is configured properly now!

Spent the weekend at an tournament in west London, intermixed with hacking on !

People packaging games for is great... just not for my productivity!

Guix officially is my preferred GNU/Linux distribution.

Cool package manager. Great docs. Expressive Scheme API. Easy to write new packages. Super friendly community.

I wish more people used and contributed to Guix.

So excited looking at the schedule today! I've been bookmarking lots of interesting talks on my phone...

This week I am moving all of my web, git, and email servers from #debian to #guix. I may even blog about the experience. I may even find the motivation to write a stack script to standup a #linode with guix automatically.

The network stuff is awesome, I love getting my laptop audio through nearby speakers!

It's a shame it's still fiddly in Gnome to configure though, and hard to debug when it doesn't work :(

Developer-driven software distribution is a bad idea, which is why I dislike things like Flatpak.

Having distro maintainers involved in the process and installing your software from a free software distribution like Debian or FreeBSD is a much better distribution of power. The packages can be tuned to suit their environment without the developer having to repackage it for every distro, and the distro maintainers can keep out anti-features like telemetry and advertising.

The middleman may seem annoying to developers, but embrace the model and it'll work for you. Landing packages in your favorite distro isn't actually that hard, and the rest of the distros will follow. If you're an end-user who wants to see some software available for your distro, look into packaging and volunteer - it's easy.

Finally got around to setting up a server to run !

I've been using oasis.sandstorm.io for years now, but with it shutting down at the end of the year, I really need to migrate away.

I'd prefer to install it with , but for the moment, I'm using Ubuntu.

Finally got back working on ! Turned out that the GStreamer cache was stale... issues.guix.info/issue/28352

Managing Servers with GNU Guix: A Tutorial guix.gnu.org/blog/2019/managin

Use Guix for dev-ops!

@dthompson and I co-mentored @jakob this summer. He did amazing work! Really excited to use it myself!

I'm still stuck looking at , and also , trying to work out if they're sensible to apply for moving data around.

WebSub, and JSON Feed both heavily give blogs as examples, I think technically, WebSub should be great for moving data between services, providing you take a loose interpretation of the standard...

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