This French internet doesn't quite work right... I telnet to _my_ mailserver, and somehow I end up somewhere else!

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I'm liking the free internet access on Eurostar trains :) I don't think this was the case a few years ago... but the latency is pretty bad! I'll be impressed if git fetch finishes running by the time I arrive!

On my way to Paris now, for some and reproducible builds fun!

Proprietary software places power in the hands of companies and developers instead of users. Help us to seize back control: donate to the FSF today!

Excellent talk by @johns about communication tools at . The network effects of communication tools are so important!

On my way now to for the weekend. Planning to do some exploring of Bristol before then as well!

If you're near Lisbon or Bristol, you can see our Distinguished Technologist, Bkuhn speak next week. He'll be at OpenWrt Summit and then #freenodelive

Now that Gash has tar and compress I built the initial GNU make for
@GuixHPC with as only dependencies tcc-boot0, bootstrap-guile and
bootstrap-gash; so without bash, coreutils, gzip or tar

Made the jump today to (aka ) 60!

I needed to mess with the userChrome.css to get tree style tabs working properly, but generally I think it's been worth it 😁

Happy birthday to GNU. This is the original announcement of the GNU Project, posted by Richard Stallman on September 27, 1983.

Guile now has a JIT compiler that is about 80% faster than 2.2's VM. I hope to take it for a spin soon and run a 2D sprite rendering benchmark.

We've released! #GNOME 3.30 "Almería" is officially available. Have a look at what's new:

Finally sorted out a ticket and accommodation for live!

Also submitted a lightning talk proposal about GNU ... 🎉

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