It turns out the "encoding" issue I've been chasing where PostgreSQL says "invalid byte sequence for encoding" when trying to do a query, probably isn't anything to do with incorrect encoding...

My latest theory is that something about the way the query is executed isn't garbage collector safe, and when the garbage collector runs, the memory regions containing the parameters get altered...

This theory at least explains why I see this issue intermittently.

So... after 3 days, it still hadn't finished. I gave up, stopped the DELETE, added an index on a table referencing the table I was deleting from, and then it finished in a few minutes...

It's the "Trigger for constraint" bit that apparently was taking forever.

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I've got a PostgreSQL DELETE query that's been running for over 27 hours now... I really hope it finishes sometime soon!

Actually made it through a pretty big refactor of how the Guix Data Service handles database connections for HTTP requests:

There should be less chance of the server being slow handling requests now, and some requests should even be faster due to extra parallelism.

I'm pretty sure I must have broken something somewhere though...

Used text primary keys for a database, and now it's 8GB in size and growing...

I think I need to switch to integer primary keys, but I don't quite have the motivation.

“Improve Internationalization Support for the #Guix Data Service”:

Danjela writes about her work & experience as an #Outreachy intern. Thumbs up for the great work, and kudos to @cbaines for mentoring!

Got some more build "machines" hooked up to . There are lots of aarch64-linux things to build!

#Guix is now built with #Guile 3.0.3, using its fast “baseline compiler” to build the many package modules.

Together with authenticated commits, that’s one of the most anticipated (by me) change.

Intrepid @janneke did it again: #Hurd support in #Guix System!

Currently it’s available through cross-compiled VM images:

guix system disk-image --target=i586-pc-gnu --no-grafts \

Woohoo! \o/

(Yeah currently you need ‘--no-grafts’ due to an obscure bug.)

Got a first review for my 10-year-reproducibility-challenge submission:

Highlight: “The current code is based on Scheme, a variant of LISP, which is notoriously very readable, nearly as it were a text in english.” See? :-)

#Guix #Scheme #Lisp

JavaScript on webpages, bringing all important usability issues and bugs to your browser.

In all seriousness, Grafana is more difficult to use now there's more JavaScript trying to "help" you.

Challenge for tonight was to work out why the Guix build tool I'm working on isn't building things, and this query appears to do the trick 😁

I wrote it as one long line, I used some (not great) online SQL formatter for sharing.

git shortlog -s --since=last-month | wc -l
⇒ 94

An all-time high number of monthly #GNU #Guix contributors!

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