Debian sends love and thanks to all the contributors and communities that build, create, and embody the principles of Free Software. #ilovefs #freesoftware

On the train to , already spotted a "Free Software, Free Society" hoodie!

Now I have 5 straight days of free software stuff coming up soon!

days on the Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and now I'm going to on the Monday!

Had a Duvel tonight, got me thinking of the upcoming FOSDEM 😁

The Free as in Freedom podcast returns after a 15 month hiatus! Your co-presenters, Bkuhn and @o0karen0o (Conservancy's Executive Director and President respectively) kick off the return with discussion of the popularity of "pretend" #FOSS licensing in 2018.

GNU Mes 0.19 released! Featuring performance; Now bootstrapping
@gnutools GCC in ~30min. Started audit and verify thereof in
, support in Mes C Lib to build and .

This French internet doesn't quite work right... I telnet to _my_ mailserver, and somehow I end up somewhere else!

214-2.0.0 To contact postmaster send email to

I'm liking the free internet access on Eurostar trains :) I don't think this was the case a few years ago... but the latency is pretty bad! I'll be impressed if git fetch finishes running by the time I arrive!

On my way to Paris now, for some and reproducible builds fun!

Proprietary software places power in the hands of companies and developers instead of users. Help us to seize back control: donate to the FSF today!

Excellent talk by @johns about communication tools at . The network effects of communication tools are so important!

On my way now to for the weekend. Planning to do some exploring of Bristol before then as well!

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