Found this on the ground this morning near Hackescher Markt

If anyone knows Christina from Berlin and Christina wants it back, let me know :BoostOkay:

cargo check is hanging forever and i think i should just go back to sleep

"Ladies and gentlemen":
-reinforces the gender binary
-makes you sound like a bougie
-cliched as fuck, no dramatic tension

"Friends and enemies":
-Inclusive and gender-neutral
-makes you sound like a supervillain
-dramatic tension: who are the friends and who are the enemies?

asking for help, $ 

request for financial help (not me), gofundme, ICE 

i was in a room with one of these in it over the weekend and got to use it to be productive and it was everything smol jess ever wanted

The Zora Canon, a list of the 100 greatest books ever written by African American women, selected by African American women:

(I have not read nearly enough of these.)

in case you were wondering how my weekend has been

@octet33 LLVM is pretty snazzy and i just wish it was easier to get started

a custom LLVM backend might be what you're looking for?

Quick question,

Anyone know any good C compilers or assemblers easily adapted to fully custom instruction sets?

help for a trans friend, boosts welcome! 


begpost, help disabled trans cuties 

yo *three percent* of the world population went on strike today. a quarter of a billion people! shoutouts to india

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