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my gay seinfeld fanfic 

[] yes
[] no
[] the gift store on the 81st floor offers a wide selection of low fat snacks and beverages

@KitRedgrave @healyn @dirt
yeah that's what i found first, that account links to this one

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Someone sent this to me on tel*gram

Also remember to change all of the key bindings :ablobcatcoffee:

@aetios generally bytes are well defined currently, but yeah differing wordsizes do make this historically untrue

Cake Toppers are wild, was at a store with like, brides carrying shackled brooms and shit, are the straights okay or

u know you can marry someone you like, right. That's perfectly allowed

Cursed joke 

Being non-binary fucking rules. There's like a big chunk of the population that thinks we kill god by existing and that's pretty fuckin metal.

rant about negativity on online friends 


the existence of airhorns implies the existence of earth, water and firehorns

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