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legendary creature - jess @catoutofbed@octodon.social

(she's intentionally driving slow, i just like the graph)

paul, most improved driver at the second annual 24 hours of lrrmans

"well all the locks are broken so lets just tape it and hope for the best"


here i am eating breakfast when suddenly

(various pictures of geese and... geeslings? walking down the path past the bench i am sitting on)




exteremly loud beepy audio Show more

very corrupted image of a kitty Show more

i guess really this is a visualization of the errors in my audio stack + the acoustics of this setup + background noise

someone on the ksp subreddit strapped an n1 lower stage on the upper stages of a saturn v and it looks very cursed


flashback to that time i replaced my thermostat with a raspi and graphed it