of course hackers are witches, why do you think it's a hex editor

@catoutofbed actually all hackers are @squirrel s, they're secretly not hex editors but hecks editors


are there doggo witch hackers

do they work in hecks editors


please say it is so

@catoutofbed I once read a book where a programmer got sucked into a fantasy world and he learned that magic and coding were similar, so he became a powerful wizard. :D

@mike @catoutofbed I'm not sure.. The book contained volume 1 and 2, as far as I recall, and was called "The Wiz Biz".

@catoutofbed I've stumbled into this today :) I don't understand much of the actual code, but I've enjoyed the writing

And spell checkers for that matter. For the more thaumaturgic types.

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