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jess, gay dork @catoutofbed

I wasn't kidding by the way
I will take your music
I have a problem

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@catoutofbed it's a shame I can't see my bandwidth graphs right now

Only like 4 MB/s I think
I might plug it into my wired network though

Importing this is going to take like a week 😅

@catoutofbed If you took my whole collection you would end up with roughly 1.5x the space used...

And honestly I'd give it to you if I had a way to easily move 75 GB of data. =P

@catoutofbed Yeah, it's a home network I share with my parents who do a lot of stuff online and I don't want to be sucking everything up to share music. =P

Also I'm pretty sure our up speed is basically nothing.

that's fair enough :)
if you ever find anything really weird
and want it archived
let me know~