By the way the company I work for is hiring so if you know someone who wants to get paid to write Rust in a fully remote startup then you should have them poke me


like what does the company do?
or what is the poisition?

@catoutofbed errr. Both I suppose, one may perhaps indicate the other haha

We're still trying to figure out exactly what the right word is but "production engineer" probably gets you half way
The company is, in buzzwords, "serverless containers as a service", or in real words "you know that container mess you don't want to run? yeah we'll do that"

@catoutofbed ah alright, not something I'm particularly interested in or familiar with. Thanks though :bunsmile:

@catoutofbed I'd be happy to take a look at the position, at least.

@noelle let me see if I can get a real job listing to point you at then lol

@catoutofbed In what country is the startup located? (In the legal sense, for visa/tax/etc purposes)

@IngaLovinde we have intentions of hiring people who aren't all on the west coast but currently the only person we've hired in a different time zone was me... before i moved

I'd be interested, though I doubt my rust is up to scratch.
Do learn fast though

@catoutofbed i have a friend who is interested! do you have an email address i can give them to contact you?

@catoutofbed not your typical dev profile but definitely interested... Though I am in EU. Is there a listing/requirements list somewhere ?

I remember that the author of broot was looking for something like that. You may try to contact him.

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