airbags are cool because they're SAFTEY EXPLOSIONS

your car is just like "hmm something is wrong imma blow up in your face so you don't die"

@catoutofbed vaccines are cool because they're SCIENCE JUICE

@catoutofbed There are tiny charges attached to your seatbelt that retract it in case of a collision to keep you in-place

Intern at work got in a massive car wreck just before starting and he said he had temporary deafness from the seatbelt charge

These might only be in newer cars

@catoutofbed fun fact about airbags! they go off so fast that if you have a cigarette in your mouth when one hits you in the face, the cigarette will go clean through and a fireman might bring it over while the tow truck crew is scraping your car off the jersey wall with a spatula and show you the charred inch-wide hole it made! ask us how we know!

@BatElite not nessicarily
in this case the explosion is used as a gas generator to inflate the airbag in under 60ms because thats really hard to do otherwise

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