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I know they apologised for party rocking but it didn't seem like they really meant it

Still hiring... systems administrators of most linux flavors wanted. You'll work on supercomputers, kubernetes, petascale archives, data science workflows...

Money, help needed, please boost 

Venmo: @void_

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. We owe over $3000 in rent and have no income. If you can spare anything to help our coven, all help is dearly appreciated. 💜

:hacker_c: :hacker_h: :hacker_r: 🕴🕴
I thought my mojojojo emojojojo was on the way
I want my mojos

One of my recent goals has been to publish a blog post daily onto my ko-fi, and to post more web dev/design-related stuff weekly (mostly code for like landing pages and other ui stuff).

So if you don't already check that out, I'd definitely recommend doing so.

The link's on my profile :blobfingerguns:

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


sorry to have to do this again

i've been applying for state jobs where DD works so hopefully i won't have to do this much longer

i need $63 for my phone bill on the 17th, and some other amount for groceries/necessities etc.

my paypal is

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:


asimov: i made three rules and now here's an entire book of reasons they don't work because life is nuanced and complicated and and has to be handled with a flexible, compassionate approach

every white tech guy: haha cool ethos

favorite #MEATPUNKS npc: these horrifying tiny gear critters whose only purpose is to justify the existence of elevators in this setting

Money, help needed, please boost 

Venmo: @void_

We will luckily not be going homeless after this month, but we still owe well over $3000 in rent alone with no income. If you can spare anything to keep our coven afloat, help would be immensely appreciated. 💜

Just in case this is is of help to somebody in these difficult times:

"Outreachy internships are remote, paid ($6,000 stipend), and last three months. Outreachy supports diversity in free and open source software! Initial applications for the @outreachy
Dec 2020 to Mar 2021 internships are due on Sep 20 at 4pm UTC:"


Happy, helpful reminder that "plural" is like "transgender" and encompasses a whole umbrella's worth of stuff!
Literal actual distinct entities in your head? Plural!
Aspects of your personality that you anthropomorphize? Plural!
The "angel" and "devil" on your shoulders? Plural!

But most importantly: "Plural" is a label you can choose to identify with. It's not a set of rules

covid, cursed email 

Just got this email advert and fucking hell.

Guillotine set up at Bezos Mansion 

Low wage #workers at #Amazon set up a guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos' mansion (net worth 200 billion) and demand the man making $4000 per second raise minimum wages to $30/hour. Not known if the instrument was capable of decapitation, or only symbolic

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