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Jess is frame perfect

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tooting this because i want this pinned to my profile

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communism is extremely my kind of clothes

i also mildly hunger but not for anything i can get at this hour is an available domain

oh right
base64 standard character set is not url safe

oh no
i made a test that only fails sometimes

or if people have any recommendations for other instances that are welcoming, #feminist, #anticap, #antiimperialism, inclusive, and just like generally chill I’d love suggestions (:

buy my new book, "so you have a plugin system, now what?"

it will be published as soon as i figure out what to do with this plugin system

oops i just reimplemented all of this and now want to change it back to the old api

sometimes caela and i have public conversations that only make sense to us because our brain is filling in some of the missing context


you know i really don't think Crack-Up was a great album but when it came out just means i'll never be able to forget it

sometimes i forget how much of a mess i was last fall

the music takes me back

i hate chatner's cover of common people and i can't stop listening to it send help

it's less annoying that it can't guess that i want Value from the parse function than that it has a nonsense error for it 😂

serde_json really confuses rust's type guessing system huh