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tooting this because i want this pinned to my profile

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lol my HRT and antidepressants are $80/mo now combined instead of $12 thanks joe fucking Lieberman

Like my retro posts and want to help keep me antidepressed and full of E?$luigithirty

The main circuit board in the OP-1 includes some awesome silk screening like:
Grand Master Flash
Empire State Building
Financial District
Lower East Side

I want to try this horrible monstrosity of a chair

(i'm really good at getting stuck in terrain, i did it in borderlands 2 (twice))

i did it
i got stuck in a corner that's impossible to get out of in yet another game

i need to get back to learning how to mod minecraft so i can make people's bad minecraft mod ideas a reality

Dear every university:

Stop bestowing crummy email addresses on us with arbitrary character limits that erase our surnames just because they're "too long" and let us tell you how we would prefer to be referenced.

Queer culture is talking loudly about sex in a fancy restaurant over brunch for the explicit purpose of making straights uncomfortable.

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post just so i can mash the boost button a bunch and watch the snake spin around

need my roommate to wake up so i can replacr and repair her cable before i loose focus on this for another year

me, noticing my leg's shaking: *opens kolourpaint and moves my hand to the right while holding the mouse button to check what type of curve my leg's following*

turns out it looks vaguely sinusoidal :D

is long haul space trucker the most lesbian profession?

look i just want to be a long haul space trucker is that too much to ask?

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