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tooting this because i want this pinned to my profile

i need to check that they're pixel perfect copies
i think the images might be shifted half a pixel because canvas2d takes entirely floats as parameters

my image loading method is now:
get image element
write element to an invisible canvas
clip tiles from canvas and convert to Vec<u8>

as far as i can tell this is the easiest way without promises and writing to an invisible canvas to clip off it seems intended
using it to convert types is maybe not but >.>

blog update: itch is happy to host Devlogs for you, but they're for a particular game. Not 100% a ideal vessel in which to join the blogosphere.

Hey! Blog friends! Recommendations? Is the answer 'get some hosting and run a wordpress site'?

neil cicirega has a 2 and a half hour video of midi tracks from games he never made and some of them are just other songs of him

but from the past

a prequel

inch or so of snow
now comes the rain
after the rain stops the temperature is plunging to like 10f which is probably why busses are getting cancled, thats gonna be iceeeey

through many shenanigans i found a way to write to the canvas from wasm that doesn't involve copying my image data to a js intermediate

chelsea manning saying that bloodborne is better than dark souls is like the trans equivalent of the ending to time cop. surprised our universe survived.

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as the webapi gets more complex js1k gets less interesting

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you cannot put the jess in bed

it's even part of her @

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Love that every guild has three words to describe it on the back of the prerelease packs, except Gruul, which has one word, three times

i always forget how bright it is in the city during a snowstorm

back home it's quiet and dark but here it's like daylight outside, the streetlight unable to escape

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