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tooting this because i want this pinned to my profile

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when you're so focused on stopping me from doing things you forget to actually do anything yourself

i think i just played someones whos deck was all answers and no win con?

like they had tons of card draw and lots of ways to stop me from doing stuff but i ended with a good board state at 20 life so it doesn't really matter

Throw back to this one time during my brief time at community college a yu gi oh duel disk fight broke out in the common area.

it was glorious.

Hey! #Outreachy applications for the next December-March round are now open! 🎉

They offer three month internships with free and open source projects — #FOSS. Interns are paid a 5,500 USD stipend and have access to a 500 USD travel allowance.

I can't recommend this program enough. It's such a rich and welcoming experience, in addition to being a great way to start working in tech.

Start your application today!

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On this long trip to see my really sick mom who I haven’t seen in years because of poverty and now one of my tires is starting to shred. I desperately need money to get a new tire or I can’t make it there or go back home. If you can help at all it would be incredibly appreciated.$archangelic

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2019 might be the last pretty sounding year. I don't think saying the full name of the year will sound as good anymore, not until the year 3000.

the phrase "It's 2056, get with the times!" just doesn't sound as good!

they used a sizing system i was unprepared for so i did not get pant
need to get online pant later then
if i get pant then i will own pants and one of them won't have a hole

casette tapes are better than mp3s because you can put them in your mouth and chew 'em

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its 5:30 why do i have a seat?
not that i'm complaining just

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