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"jess will you ever write two rust projects in the same framework"
probably not?

Just saw a website use the deadname of a trans person to explain who "that person was before" and with the exception where it is the will of the person to have its deadname known : never. do. that. Like. never.

configruing a new install always feels so *limitless*
look at all these possibilities
ill do it right this time

installing nixos attempt 3: this time on a local compupper

i love waking up from nightmares. it's like, the bomb's about to go off? the monster's about to get me? i have to have a scary talk with someone but i can't remember their name? PSYCH, i'm gonna transcend to an entirely different level of reality and pretend this never happened

need help badly 

also yes i did break them in half and have harry potter tape once, it sucked until a friend recommended this to me

i broke my glasses again so have a pro tip 

No one is disposable.

"In November of 1970, the Young Lords and the Black Panther Party seized a section of Lincoln Hospital, establishing the first drug detox program in the South Bronx, the center of the city’s heroin epidemic. The “People’s Detox” operated out of the old nurses’ residence under a coalition of Black and Puerto Rican left nationalists, socialists, and radical medical workers. Influenced by the psychological work of Frantz Fanon, they saw revolutionary political education as essential for overcoming drug addiction."

Clarke's Third Law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

I'd argue we've got to that point now and so instead of "person who knows a bit about tech" I am in fact a witch

a C function 647 characters long that has 768 possible return values depending on the compiler flags used:

remember: the C programming language does not exist!

@ queer creators

im a budding musician & wanna practice more, but have trouble finishing tracks, so i want deadlines

if you're making something, & you want free thematic music, & don't mind if it sounds generic/amateurish

dm me! i don't want money, just deadlines & prompts :3

boosts encouraged! :boost_ok:


tech people: language does not structure how you think or what you can conceive in any way and that is why i should not make any effort to rid my vocabulary of sexism or ableism

also tech people: and this is why C++ is better than JavaScript


this gender is brought to you by local philantropist Viewers Like Ewe

my gay seinfeld fanfic 

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