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Need financial help, boosts please 

pandemic stuff, request for facemask info, :boost_ok:​ 

paging all otter enthusiasts, the upcoming mtg set has a magical otter

[covid, pol, ablism adjacent] 

hrt, request 

financial help request 

ebt poems by jamie berrout

"These seventeen poems form a journal that stretches from January to late March 2020, from a precarious half life sustained by food stamps, mounting debt, and visions of insurrection to the moment where a global pandemic suddenly places a great many others in a similar state, all of struggling, all of us demanding a new way of life: an end to capitalism and the United States itself. "

the author is funding hrt with purchases of this chapbook!

coronavirus, USA, deaths-in-waiting maps 

i had to replace the batteries in my carbon monoxide alarm earlier today because it beeped 3 times. but now i've brought the other carbon monoxide alarm into the room too in case the three beeps were an actual alarm rather than a low battery alarm. really i should have three of them in a majority-voting system

I was trying to avoid making a post like this, but my roommate who covered our first payment to the landlords is asking for money, there doesn't look like there's gonna be any relief coming for those of us who are still employed but had all our hours cut, and there doesn't look like there's gonna be any rent relief or stoppage. I have one paycheck coming Friday, and then nothing. If there's anything anyone can do to help (sharing, donating, letting me know about resources I haven't heard about), I would really appreciate it.
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

All archaeology proves is that our ancestors were skeletons and they lived underground.

the 12-tone musical system is going to go away. its not going to be replaced by 24-tone or Bohlen–Pierce, instead the new dominant harmonic language is that of DTMF tones

i think people are too mean to guy fieri tbh. his shows are really fun

are u ready for an early transition/experimentation gender take lol

early transition take, 6/6 

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