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Jess is not careful wrt booms

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dear diary
today I was actually accidentally lewd

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make it not have murder eyes, but here it is

Will someone teach me to make emojos so I can be a positive contribution to Mastodonian society

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If @catoutofbed is @jess then I am disappointed that jess isn't "@catinbed"

People still judge and misgender, but I’ve been trying to give even less of a shit than I used to

Of course I still correct people when they mess up my pronouns. I have a right to be upset about it, and to correct it accordingly.

But I’ve stopped not wearing things for fear I’ll look too feminine. Looking feminine is not weakness. It’s power

No matter what I wear or how I look, I am still non binary.

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Hey, party peoples.

If you speak any invented language on your account, let me know so I can follow you.

#glossopoeia #Esperanto #TokiPona #Lojban #Laadan #Klingon #Quenya #Solresol #Ithkuil #constructedlanguage

I need to sync my dolphin directories (saves and textures adn whatnot) between my desktop and win10 laptop.

any suggestions?

Importing this is going to take like a week 😅

are there any mountain goats songs about being gay

medium sleepy thoughts:

its really cool that 2d animation is something that really caught on and is a staple of film instead of just being a gimmick that occasionally finds its way into things