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please boost, currently am trying to discover a
- widely used
- preferably not bad at EULA / copyright
- not fascist
- allows not safe for work / risque content

website for hosting my art on

i know of deviantart (bad eula from what I know), tumblr (banned nsfw / risque content), and twitter (fascist)

i'm sure there are more options, a few i have heard of, but i don't know Details about them, yanno?

man theres supposed to be a million and a half people here tonight
can you dig that?

By the way the company I work for is hiring so if you know someone who wants to get paid to write Rust in a fully remote startup then you should have them poke me


also i had at least one or two friends who held this same idea so we were all a big mess of confusion

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jess facts: i somehow held the idea that 2 fast 2 furious existed and that tokyo drift was the second fast and furious move at the same time
no idea how that worked?
2 fast 2 furious: tokyo drift

Money help needed, please boost 

We are disabled and need to pick up chronic pain meds, but a rather large bill went through recently, so we desperately need assistance to do so. Please help us, even if you can only boost. 💜

Venmo: @void_

any js dev wanna get paid to work on frontend stuff for #ssb ?

You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

Need money help, please boost 

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. Between rent, bills, groceries, and meds, we cannot survive without assistance, nor can we pay the $4000 in rent that we owe. If you can spare anything to help us, all support is dearly appreciated.

Thank you for keeping our coven alive, fediverse. 💜

Venmo: @void_

If you have a little spare cash, I could use a hand. I'm not completely broke yet but I'm getting there, and my anxiety about it is getting bad enough that it's interfering with my ability to get things done.

Thank you for any help you can give, even if it's just a boost. :blobpurpleheart:

I'm looking at options for colocating a router, switch and a 1U server in either USA or Canada. Toronto preferably but I'm open to something like Chicago/Seattle.

I'll be requiring cross connects to a meet me room of some kind so I can buy transit.

I have a ASN and IP space.

Advice/suggestions/recommendations welcome, I'm new to the colocation side of things.

pleased with the release of the news about Madeline from Celeste to be able to confirm that yes, trans people can dash in the air in the 8 cardinal directions, we’re just modest about it and so only use it for saving kittens from trees or to kiss our tall wives

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