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Just to put this into perspective:

The average value of a Bitcoin transaction is currently $119 and requires energy worth roughly $100 (the world average price is $0.14 per kWh).


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🎅: Ho ho ho! Hello children, I'm Santa's cousin, Arbitration Clause!

👧🏽 👦🏼 : uh, what?

🎅: Did you know that many workplaces and services now make you to waive your right to bring complaints against them in court, and instead force you to appear before a private arbitrator that they choose and pay for?

👧🏽 👦🏼 : oh jeeze, the left can't meme.



The incredible Bio Rescue Project team of scientists performed the fourth ovum pick up on our northern white rhinos, Najin and Fatu on December 13th, 2020.
Photo by Oliver Pejeta

#NorthernWhiteRhino #NajinandFatu

PRESS RELEASE | Two new northern white rhino embryos created at Christmas | Ol Pejeta Conservancy

When someone blocks you on Mastodon, you are no longer shown their toots while logged in. That's well and good except that it complicates actually reporting toots when someone is spamming abusive content broadly.

Yea, looks like the style is similar but just faster and more boisterous if one sings this like the Wolfe Tones:

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I'm sure other singers sing it differently but this is Ye Vagabonds' version, if you're curious:
Context: like Casadh an tSugáin, it's a bitter song about a man who failed to win his love, in this case merely by being an idiot about a dowry rather than the rejection of her family.

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Planning to learn another song as gaeilge, having learned to sing Casadh an tSugáin in the style of The Gloaming months ago. Tempted to learn one from the Ye Vagabonds album "The Hare's Lament" and leaning towards "Siún Ní Dhuibhir".
It suits my lifestyle as my main outlet to practice singing is the kids' bedtime routines, and it's slow enough and calm enough to suit for that purpose.
Most of my repertoire is already very sedate for this reason though.. <_<

I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the newly coined phrase “information disorder”*:

Communicable information disorders.

Information poisoning.

Maybe there is an epidemiological approach to disinformation that fits in with my idea of healthy communicating systems and information hygiene.

* That was used to describe the problem of disinformation affecting American democracy by the new commission studying it, The Commission on Information Disorder.

Moxie, right now: "Somehow this problem could have been solved by depending even *more* on centralised infrastructure, I'm certain of it"

"Listen, shithead.."
*pausing, breathing. Relaxing my face. Striking a more conciliatory tone. Holding out both hands, inviting them to take them in peace*
"Listen. Shithead."

We should all be paying attention to what the state is currently setting up in relation to going after the far right.

The tactics they are using all derive from the tactics sets that are employed to target insurgent groups, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

These tactics rely on 4 main pillars, all of which are present in this context.

uspol, medic preparation 

Even if you're in a *state* capitol, download a copy of Riot Medicine -- particularly read the trauma section -- and get a kit together.

*slaps roof of Old Testament* this bad boy can fit so many Esthers in it

Religion, obliqie ref to abusive religious order 

"And now for the news, with top story this week being the release of a damning report of state and church complicity...but first, we'll pause for the Church call to prayer which we literally pay the church thousands of taxpayer euro to run right before the main news every fucking day"

Something handy about vs. English is that beyond a few small words of 1-3 chars in length, the spelling rules of Irish make it pretty unlikely that there are any overlapping spellings, even when words are transliterated from English into borrow-words, so translation services like Teanglann can just accept either language in the same search box 🤷

Recently set the display language in Firefox to Gaeilge because why not, and I was reminded rudely just how clueless Firefox are about Privacy when they also changed the outgoing language preferences header on my browser, so that some (nice) websites start displaying Gaeilge to me.
That's actually a gigantic privacy leak Firefox, and you only told me I'd be changing the displayed language in dialogues and menus. Nothing was said about privacy impacts.
Also, spellcheck no longer accepts English..

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