emma goldman quote (150 words) 

indeed, Emma Goldman was quite explicit about it in her own account:

'I did not believe that a Cause which stood for a beautiful ideal, for anarchism, for release and freedom from convention and prejudice, should demand the denial of life and joy. I insisted that our Cause could not expect me to become a nun and that the movement would not be turned into a cloister. If it meant that, I did not want it. "I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things." Anarchism meant that to me, and I would live it in spite of the whole world — prisons, persecution, everything. Yes, even in spite of the condemnation of my own closest comrades I would live my beautiful ideal.'

it appears that "if i can't dance it's not my revolution" is a later, pithy paraphrase. but it does capture the essence!

"ar nós gaoithe" -> in the way (/manner) of wind -> very quickly

« They shouldn't be here doing this. All of the trash we see on the ocean is from fishing, foam fenders, floats, nets... they are filling it with garbage while emptying it of life. I really, really hate them. … We've stumbled into a minefield of fishing vessels, a fleet of over 40, all huddled in together around us. They're covering 40 NM of ocean, going around them was just not possible. There is room to go inbetween them, but it is scary. AIS has been beeping non-stop for the past 4 hours.»

i really really do not like how ubuntu pushes their proprietary package manager that

- "containerises" everything, making it slow to open and three times the size it needs to be
- grants no control over updates
- is closed source, jesus christ how the fuck is this considered acceptable


the IRA is a real thing, they killed real people, they played their part in creating real trauma for this island

it's not an analogue for your revolutionary ideals, and if you can't deal with the nuance that goes with it then maybe you shouldn't talk about it

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every once in a while i see posts about the IRA, giving blanket value judgments that make me super uncomfortable

and i always go and check the profile to see what, if any, connection to ireland they have

i don't want to get into arguments with folks about what they should feel about the IRA - you want to voice support for the cause, great

but don't tell me or anyone else how they should feel about the IRA, especially if you don't have any experience of ireland, especially pre-GFA

Further proof that #encryption helps protect your data - The Chinese government is now blocking TLS 1.3 and ESNI, which makes it harder to know certain domain information.


But, it's not just in #China that these things occur...

The US government is currently trying to weaken your ability to use encryption too. If you believe in a more private and secure #Internet, please speak out to your member of #Congress and share why #privacy matters to you.

@ink_slinger That's terrible, I'm glad ye were not hurt! Hope ye can salvage something from the time laid out for a getaway. :(

@snailerotica Ugh it's getting too burdensome to keep making excuses for Ubuntu on the sole basis of being beginner-friendly

Someone opens a mouth mask and makes a huge discovery! No mouth masks for me!!!1!!1%1!!! 😷

(source: nitter.net/Nuldettig/status/12)

Q-Anon and Trumpsters have landed on Mastodon. The "mas.to" instance is hosting the account. I blocked the account and the entire domain.

Please, let's keep this cancer out of the Fediverse. Let them have their stupid Gab and Parler.

everyone knows about serifs, but did you know that every other piece of the letter also has a specific name? check out this rad chart!!

Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
➡️ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population

We have decided to focus on documenting, and archiving, means of reusing and repairing older devices and programs. All of our tools are designed to work offline first, operate with little-power on older devices and operating systems. Operating this way, we can keep creating content while off-grid, and when our power and connectivity is limited.


(Low priority request) Can somebody get #minetest into a non-FOSS newspaper or published book, please? The mean people at Wikipedia won't let us make an article for it, citing things like "standards" and "notability requirements". 😛

Who doesn't know about Minetest‽ But, unfortunately, there're only about two news articles outside of "Linux" circles about it, so the article gets rejected.

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