Happy ! This time was sacred in many parts of the world, marking the deepest part of Winter and promising longer days to come, until spring.
In our ancestors built great megalithic monuments honouring this time, capturing glints of the rarest sunlight in the year.
Newgrange is a passage tomb that famously captures the dawn light at the solstice: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newgrang
Knockroe meanwhile captures the last light: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knockroe

Covid adj, but good news 

"Irish support for Native American Covid-19 relief highlights historic bond"
Let's get that number up past 5m a cháirde

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During the Potato Famine, a colonial effort to deny the Irish food lead to massive mortality and generations of trauma. The Nation, fresh out of a colonial atrocity themselves, gave what they could to the Irish across the Atlantic. Lots of people in are raising this connection and paying it forward to the Navajo and Hopi, via this campaign: gofundme.com/f/NHFC19Relief

This is 100% the brand of I love best: pair of rando Irish culchies train for (snow sport unknown in Ireland) using a tractor and some old carpet, then go and win a global title:

In other news, I'm at the convention in , , and enjoying my first experience of participating so far. Only up for the day so it'll be busy. If I toot any further on it I'll use a CW to reduce noise, I think. If anyone on the Fediverse is around, LMK. :)

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The laziest, most right wing mainstream political party in just unveiled a surprisingly ok-looking plan to drastically reduce waste and emissions in Ireland within 10 years.
It's not enough, but it's the plan advanced by the Irish equivalent of the Tories, so it establishes a "ground floor": any less ambitious than this, and you're not even bothering.

activists would do well to protest outside polling stations in , to help people remember their priorities when they elect local and EU representatives..

Under pressure from a Union amd the US State Department, the Government of agrees to end an abusive permit scheme that was facilitating slavery on Irish fishing boats.
Great: now let's also ban trawlers altogether and give those workers safe jobs raising sustainable food.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar expresses support for students striking for next week
"Friday, 15 March has been named as an international day of action on ."


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"It is the political equivalent of getting a drunk text from an ex at 1am, suggesting that you get back together. Ireland knows that Britain has had too much to drink, has kebab on its shirt and is probably crying."

and parents, the deadline is tomorrow. Our education system should help Irish kids accept one another, and perhaps themselves.
The NCCA have been asked to undertake a comprehensive review of RSE (Relationship & ) by former Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton TD. There are three components...

I get why UK media have taken to calling it something suspicious-sounding like "backstop" rather than "adhering to the Good Friday Agreement", but why do the media and commentariat fail to reclaim the more direct language?
Obfuscating the origin of the issue within only serves hardline Tories, and erases Northern Ireland's peace process.

The issue of legalisation is all over the news in & some common fallacies emerged which annoy me:
* Synthetic "cannabis" is actually synthetic "cannabinoids", it is not a chemically identical synthesis of natural cannabinoids. That's why it's dangerous. Not the "synthetic" bit, the "unregulated shitty designer drug" bit.
* Cannabis _does_ kill, sometimes. It's NOT a universally safe drug.
* There's scant evidence to support anticancer activity from Cannabis.

Joined the because, even with their warts (support for Organic, Rejection of Science on certain key issues) they're the only political party in even talking seriously about the and :
Demanding individual responsibility has been an abject failure. Asking companies to be nice was never going to work. Direct action works. Political Action works. I have to put my misgivings aside and act where it can matter.

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Tweet from David McKeown (@dj_mckeown), at 25 Oct, 15:29

"I have two masters advertised to work on EIRSAT1, 's first satellite 🛰 Please share 😊"
Attitude, Determination and control t.co/DWXayNX16J
Antenna deployment module

Got an email the other day that my order of purebred Eri might ship soon, about 6 months after ordering them. That's a long-ass lead time, but if it vindicates my hopes for wwb.co.uk that's great. I'd love to look into a personal reintroduction project for recently extinct species in , and WWB offer some of those species for sale, and I have some fodder plants in the garden already. It's nearly too perfect.
Also: yay, purebreds! My til now were hybrids..

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