Just thought of a great hack for radiation mutagenesis experiments at or scale:
1. Put organism in non-metal bag.
2. Put knife-kit in original packaging, gift-wrapped, in same bag.
3. Buy a discount plane ticket, go to security theatre.
4. When they stop the X-ray to stare incredulously, time the exposure as an experimental variable.
5. Apologise to the staff for your lapse in judgement, opt to leave with your precious knife-gift and suspicious potted plant.

Some cool & blogs I've just been introduced to:
Some nice protocols there, and some cool plasmids on offer to produce ones' own enzymes. :)

Every now and then an order reminds me that I have practical and pretty models for sale on Shapeways.. if you've ever wanted a desk model of DNA, or a Phage, or a model Centrifuge Rotor powered by a Dremel, I guess I'm your guy:
I still have my trusty Dremelfuges I used (recklessly) for for years.. I even still have some of the stupid prototypes. :)

Poured some petri dishes this week for the first time in years, feels great. First time actually using my new lab bench. :)

Furniture delivery today including.. my new lab bench! ahoy :)

The need for DIY-scale Genetic Engineering tools & techniques remains really high. We're going to need this technology to save ourselves, but ppl won't trust it as long as they (falsely but earnestly) believe that it's just a ploy to inject Intellectual Property into Agriculture.
Actually, IP was/is already totally embedded in agriculture, GE or no, but distrust frequently prevents people from hearing this.
People trust what they can touch, nurture, and understand.

again? :)
I'm into: & evidence-based , I'm either or depending on what we're discussing. Politically fluid but leaning .
I work on & at Scrapinghub. I like , , & .
Trained in (yay !), spent years at & in a home lab. I miss it.
Currently experimenting with invertebrate , , & evidence-based .

Mind you, the toxin appears to come from the symbiotic cyanobacteria that fix nitrogen for Azolla, and gene-knockouts are often permitted as non-GE organisms in Europe. So potentially if I got back into the scene someday I could find a gene responsible for the neurotoxin and hack it out.. :blobhyperthink:

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