USpol, crazy trumpists, references to common leftist mass murder "jokes" 

"But wait, no, guillotines are like, a lefty feel-good mass-murder weapon, they're all about happy socialist hugs or something, how could this have happened? Don't the right wingers know casual mass murder jokes about our outgroup are _our_ thing??"

A present from me to me: A nice set of glass petri dishes in various sizes. :)
The small ones are actually surprisingly small, much smaller than I thought.. it'll be hard pouring them, and the tolerances were bad so one broke being opened. Glad I didn't buy more. The mid size I have already and are barely big enough for non-anexic use (e.g. wild sampling) - that's why I bought the bigger ones. The mid size are better for culture maintenance and expansion.
Next up I guess, is a set of good tubes.

Courier: "Your package has left the distribution centre and been handed to our fulfilment partner. You may be able to track it further on their site."
*Clicks link*
Other Courier: "Your package is on its way to our distribution centre"

PSA for other would-be growers: it's super vigorous in the Irish climate but really messy and floppy and this happens.
And it's a long crop - I expect to harvest in December. Until then these 3 beds are just inaccessible and completely hidden by foliage.
I had better get a lot of tubers for all this.

Now you, too, can educate your children through the medium of randomly generated maths problems, using this low-effort, badly coded Python script:

Two examples of Velvet Shank mushrooms in our garden lately: one on a dead treestump (also hosting Honey Mushrooms), one on one of my mushroom logs as a weed.
Also visible in second photo: the foremost log is meant to be Chicken of the Woods, I hope those forming little shelves are it! Curiously, they begin as a spreading plaque, then part of the plaque folds down to begin the "shelf".

Mycoculture is finally happening: got the right kind of jar and this king stropharia spawn ain't gonna propagate itself

Tomorrow: gonna get some fresh peroxide and see if I can revive some dry, neglected Lion's Mane dowels in another jar..

The Ikea Tradfri lightswitches mounted in my kids' rooms are simple rocker switches that do On/Off, but I'm making the most of them. My eldest daughter will have this monstrous UX to deal with as my beta tester. :goose_honk:

My niece's first pet Eri silkmoth (S.cynthia var ricini) eclosed and he's a pretty boi

So, new little project: getting clear windowed vinyl stickers to affix this little e-ink display to my laptop as a "hackable" sticker.
From WaveShare. Their demo code is buggy but it works often enough to prevent me bothering with anything custom.

A few of my endangered-flowers sprouted and my A.githago, "Corncockles", are even flowering quite happily. They're much leggier plants than I expected, hard to photograph.
One of my ancillary motives was that I find it very hard to recognise plants and flowers based on images alone, and by growing them I get to learn to ID them myself. The flowers are very distinctive. The leaves resemble those of a more widespread weed but..leggier, again.

Lesser Celadines, Primroses, and smaller flowers thrive in the shade of a willow (also flowering in its unpretentious, sneeze-inducing way)

More attractive switch covers for the rooms equipped with smart bulbs. Will probably put this model online, there's a single-switch version also. Not parameterised though, might need to work on that as it would also be handy for some plug sockets.

We pray now to that most capricious of pantheons, the Gods of , that they may bless this highly suspect support structure and look with favour upon my boldness

This week's Oglaf, NSFW link 

Big mood over at :)

Made this stupid image for an internal work piece on how writing more performant code might make a small difference to .
Yes, I prefaced it by saying that political and social change were crucial, and that even changing your personal diet to less meat would probably make a bigger difference. :)

Got some of my endangered seeds potted up this week, so they can stratify outdoors over winter. I kept plenty of each for -ing local habitats, but wanted to hedge my bets and keep some for potting on and perhaps planting once rooted. The seeds were not treated well during Summer/Autumn, so we'll see what kind of germination rate I can expect..
All of these were purchased online for not-that-much after pulling the "official" list of protected or for Ireland.

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