Colonialism systematically attacks everything that is individual about a people, and Language is one of the more tangible losses. We're still battling for our own language in Ireland, but North American people are struggling even harder.
If you're looking for a language challenge, Duolingo has Navajo:
And this Irish user collected some resources on Choctaw:
Even collecting these resources for others is virtuous. :)

What other languages could benefit from some collation and getting some boosts and shares in the wider world outside their native communities? Probably they'd be in the language of their nearest neighbours: If you were Swedish-speaking, could you find resources on the Sámi language? Any Japanese-speaking people here have links for Ainu languages?
Here in Ireland.. I don't think the Travelling community actually want the rest of us to know Shelta 😅

@cathal > I don't think the Travelling community actually want the rest of us to know Shelta

I disagree. If the promise of a socialist republic had been fulfilled, rather than the capitalist free state that came about — not only would Irish be widely spoken, but Shelta would be widely understood.


@tfb My limited understanding of Shelta was that it was supposed to be a 'cant' or an internal language for the community to speak without others understanding? I figured that was still the case, and why there are few resources for learning Shelta besides a few limited lexicons.

@cathal Perhaps, but that's chillingly similar to US Black English. My gut feeling is that it's a low caste dialect.

@tfb Well I suppose that's a truism: why have a cant, if you don't feel threatened by people around you? Similar languages exist for gay communities worldwide. I think a few of those are falling out of use as bigotry diminishes. Another possible outcome for Shelta is that if people stopped being awful to Travellers, maybe Shelta would actually lose ground and become even more endangered. 🤷

@cathal That would be a wonderful way for a language to die


May I add to this thread with more free indigenous language lessons on another site? Mango Languages offers Cherokee, Hawaiian, and Potawatomi. Many libraries give their members a free subscription to Mango.

@cathal courses on learning Nahuatl/Nawatl, one of the native languages of South America, still spoken by 1.5 million people and the basis of many words in modern Chicano-Mexicano.

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