Thought the dorks of the Fediverse might appreciate this API endpoint provided by :)
(Defaults provided by the service are a bit normative, but users can customise their gender lists including renaming built-ins. Odd juxtaposition, there.)
(Thanks @drwho for the recommendation, service looks very useful so far.)

I made a very incomplete API client for the 'Monica Personal Relationships Manager' ( to help with imports. Have fun fellow nerds.
Next step is writing a script for CLI management and bulk data entry.
(cc @drwho )

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@drwho Thought you might find some way to wire this up for something exocortex related :)
Eventually might permit workflows like "Thing appears on $RETAILER with $KEYWORD -> add as gift idea to $PERSON on Monica", or '$NEWS mentioned $THING -> add task to notify $FRIEND'

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