@gargron Who is the data controller for ? If I want to issue a subject data access / amendment / deletion request, my default assumption is that's you, is there someone else nominated for this role?

@cathal The data protection officer is Peter Garrod from the University of Greenwich, contactable via the e-mail

Have you submitted a survey response and want to retract it, or what are you interested in deleting?

No. But given the worrying lack of clarity on Eunomia's activities, and its remit (which appears to include some nebulous idea of network trust), I worry about data collection on fediversians at large. Hence my desire to know whether data pertaining to me is being collected, so I can contact my lawyer if necessary.
Some more public clarity on Eunomia's plans and remit might mollify me somewhat, but that hasn't been forthcoming so far.

@cathal We posted a link to a survey. No data has been collected outside of the survey. This is quite spelled out in the pinned post of the @Eunomia account:

Not to be flippant, but that suggests it would be a nice and snappy GDPR process in that case. Thanks for the quick responses.

@cathal @Eunomia Hi Cathal, @Gargron is correct. The project has an overall data protection officer, but it is a large project with multiple partners and different research components so there are multiple data controllers. If you are unsure about anything, contact me and I will direct you to the right person. I think you are concerned that there is some form of data scraping? There isn't any. We are asking people to fill in survey forms so that we gather user requirements.

@Eunomia @gargron
I'm more concerned about what comes next. When users' Eunomia apps are evaluating and flagging trustworthy or untrustworthy people, what data is being stored or processed. And what of that is identifying. How is it retained, by whom. It's hard to imagine a "social credit" score that doesn't uniquely track and identify individuals. GDPR killed Klout, after all.

@neudre @Eunomia @gargron
Addendum: if Eunomia is a thing singular enough to have its own Fediverse account, then it had better have an overarching data controller, too. If Eunomia processes data in a distributed way, it must fully process (e.g. GDPR comply) in the same way.

@cathal @Eunomia @Gargron Indeed, good observation on the scoring.
EUNOMIA will be opt-in. Regarding whether there will be scoring of individual (opted-in) users rather than only of posts, this depends on the user requirements we collect at the current phase. If you have a strong opinion on this and would like to influence the project, I can arrange someone from our team to do a 15 minute interview with you. Getting the user requirements right is our number one priority at this stage.

@Gargron @cathal @Eunomia
>No data has been collected outside of the survey.

on their webpage there was a form that was sending data without consent to google and mailchimp. I'm aware that this got fixed after I complained about, but this makes it hard to believe that they will handle private date with care.

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