I'm looking for creators of petapixel.com/2015/01/22/disab … petition / photographers missing their right hand. I'm working on a #diy #openhardware left-hand grip for DSLR cameras with multiple buttons. #accessibility #disability #careables

@alxd I'm surprised that left handed DSLRs don't exist already

@bob they were created (totally not in a response to this petition) as an Aprils Fools joke.

This is a prime example of how able-bodied people fetishize prosthetics and forget about real needs of the disabled.

@alxd @bob I'm randomly reminded of Steve "Just Stop Holding The Phone That Way" Jobs. I imagine DSLR manufacturers answering similarly. "Just hold it upside down and apply a rotation"

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@cathal @alxd It's strange because there are lots of other niche camera products, especially at the high end of the price range.

@bob @cathal yet no one cares about the disabled ;)

My idea is to take the USB port that most cameras have, get USB OTG and emulate all the buttons you could access through a tablet with an Arduino Nano. Finding good hardware two-step buttons might be a challenge, but hey! It will be something :)

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