Ok, lovely Masto people, I have a PDF copy of the zine you can download if you are interested. Because of the way it is put together it is 20MB - any less and it is unreadable.


Please remember that this is MY FIRST ZINE and so while I welcome constructive criticism, nit picking will make me 😭

[I am still working out the logistics for a printed version, so that will be a little while.]

K, thx, bye.

PDF won't open on my phone's PDF reader.. what did you use to compile the PDF file?

Respectfully, no: my devices can handle much larger docs than this. Specifically it's saying that the file is "Malformed". I may try opening and re-saving in LibreOffice or similar, and see what happens.
Incidentally, LibreOffice has a feaure that's very attractive for 'zines: you can attach the source file to the PDF, so PDF readers work seamlessly but other can edit or snippet or remix the document flawlessly.
(can you guess I <3 LibreOffice? Sorry! :) )

@cathal What is your phone's OS and the PDF reader you're using? No one else has reported any problems with the file.


🤦‍♂️ Problem identified: it was neither my reader nor your PDF, but dropbox. With the ".pdf?dl=0" bit at the end, it told my phone "you can download and read this in a PDF reader" but then served it a HTML page anyway.
Sorry for the confusion!

@cathal Ah! Excellent news, and problem solving skills! Thanks :)

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