What's the FLOSSiest, privacy-respecting-est, but still cross-platform, alternative to Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.?


@kevinklement Hypothetically, Jitsi Meet ( meet.jit.si ) - but in practice, "Works best when everyone uses Chromium". With larger calls but especially with non-Chromium, an issue may arise where pairs of call participants no longer hear each other, or one cannot hear the other but not vice versa... an artefact of it being built for Chrome only initially, I expect.
I would love to see another alternative appear. Sick of having to apologise for Jitsi.

@kevinklement The original Jitsi is an unrelated project with a desktop app, like Skype, and it worked basically identically to Skype, and worked fairly well a few years ago when I used it exclusively but infrequently. Probably still works OK, but relies on an application: jitsi.org/what-is-jitsi/

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