If you have or will soon have an , be very wary of buying a "WallBox" charger. I have experiencing a very frustrating set-up which, it turns out, requires me to have a Google Account, sign a new privacy policy, have a _recent_ android phone, install a proprietary app, and sign up to a subscription service (first year free! :D :D :D)... just to activate a core feature I already paid extra to have.
This is . Garbage you can't own, which makes you a serf, and costs more.

@cathal @alexshendi What??? Can you say what shitty wallbox this is? I've never seen such a thing

@bodems @alexshendi The brand name is "WallBox". I got a "Wallbox Commander". It was supposed to be able to scale its power usage to the current overall household power use, to avoid blowing fuses and maximise charge delivery. But it turns out, this feature is gated to the app: the sales team told me they do this so that you'll "Try their new experience" through the app. The app does not install on Android 4.4 (most recent LineageOS build for my devices).

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