I once noticed a fuel distribution centre for Shell/Topaz/CircleK in Clonakilty, and wondered why protestors don't think critically about the centralisation of the infrastructure they're protesting. At the time, people were protesting Shell/etc by blocking filling-stations with placards. But if you mapped out their distribution network, I'm sure there'd be only 5-10 distro centres to block the entire network. Come out at night, weld those gates shut!

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And now looking at the and the growing urgency of all this.. look at _all_ the distribution systems. Want to stop coal generation? Monitor coal plants, find out how they physically get lignite, block the roads on delivery day, or block the trucks at the dock from offloading lignite. Stop peat? Do they lock away the harvesters on weekends? Block / chain / weld the gates. Stop the activity at the choke-point. Rebellions organise.

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