Mastodon help required. I've got an account here on I'm interested in another instance,, which is about RPGs. What's the best way to get a sense of what's going on there, find a place in that community, etc? I can create a second account there, but doesn't Mastodon's nature mean I don't have to? I can browse their timeline (e.g., and follow individuals; is that the way to do it? Bit confused.

I am not, it seems, the first person to ask this. Or even the ten-thousandth person to ask it, looking at the github issues list. And it looks like there isn't really a good solution. Some instances show their local timeline on their /about page ( doesn't; I don't know whether that's admin choice or not); you can't follow a whole timeline from another instance (many bugs requesting this have been closed). The answer is: have two accounts. I am sad about this answer, but OK, fine.

Well, now I have two accounts. So I'm likely to be talking about roleplaying stuff more as, I imagine, unless I get really annoyed with this two-accounts thing and abandon that.

@sil I use Mastalab and can recommend it for multi-account tooting :)

@cathal I have just discovered that Pinafore (which I like, 'cos PWA) handles multiple instances (hooray nice one @nolan!) although not simultaneously (you've gotta explicitly "switch" between them), so I'm good for now :-)

@sil @nolan Yea, that's a pain point if your account interests overlap some. At least in Mastalab, you can long-press reply/retoot/follow etc and pick which account to use on-the-fly: I expect most apps eventually adopt similar features, though they're hard to document.

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