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Every now and then an order reminds me that I have practical and pretty models for sale on Shapeways.. if you've ever wanted a desk model of DNA, or a Phage, or a model Centrifuge Rotor powered by a Dremel, I guess I'm your guy:
I still have my trusty Dremelfuges I used (recklessly) for for years.. I even still have some of the stupid prototypes. :)

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again? :)
I'm into: & evidence-based , I'm either or depending on what we're discussing. Politically fluid but leaning .
I work on & at Scrapinghub. I like , , & .
Trained in (yay !), spent years at & in a home lab. I miss it.
Currently experimenting with invertebrate , , & evidence-based .

*quietly at first, growing steadily louder* seeds! seeds! Seeds! SEEDS! SEEDS!

Finally dumping some money on a bunch of components for a DIY mask. Well, hopefully just an eyepatch, because single-sided wearing would be much more comfortable for an obligate side-sleeper like me.
I miss my novadreamer.. I'm going to just try and replicate the Novadreamer (IR-on-eyelid REM detection, flashing LED light to prompt reality checking), but I may throw earlobe pulse monitoring into the mix if it's comfortable enough to wear in bed.

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

when you're a wolf that bites your own tail call that a feedback lup

European Union Calls for Five Year Strict Ban on Facial Recognition Technology

(submitted by Anon84)

Stop donating your customers' data to Google Analytics

"Aside from only letting you sample 25% of your traffic" WHAT?

Hi folks, anyone know more about Mastodon's API than me?
When I look at the endpoint /api/v1/statuses/:id/reblogged_by I only get up to N responses, is it possible to paginate further and collect all reblogged_by entries? Or is this a hard limit in Mastodon?

A Roman day was split into 12 equal hours of daylight and 12 equal hours of darkness, this meant that the length of an hour changed constantly - being 45 minutes on a midwinter day and 75 minutes on a midsummer day

Original tweet :

This looks like a cool project.

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them."

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Tomorrow at 11.00h we will have a climate strike at Bubenbrunnenplatz/Postplatz, Davos. You are more than welcome to join us!

Since it's Respect the Troops season, I thought I might share an #inspirational #speech from troopster Mike Prysner. cw: violence, military occupation, displacement, torture 

Time travel? In ??? Yes, you can see that in this gif, but the really cool thing demoed here is that the underlying dev environment of Goblins supports time-travel debugging!

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