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again? :)
I'm into: & evidence-based , I'm either or depending on what we're discussing. Politically fluid but leaning .
I work on & at Scrapinghub. I like , , & .
Trained in (yay !), spent years at & in a home lab. I miss it.
Currently experimenting with invertebrate , , & evidence-based .

If anyone knows #Go and is looking for a project to help out with, Go-based #Signal protocol implementation library and a native #SailfishOS Signal client using it are in dire need of love:

Yes, I also prefer truly decentralized protocols, but Signal is where it's at currently with a lot of people, and it's way better than other popular options... So, we need independent clients.

#InfoSec #FreeSoftware

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📬 📘 Got a very nice book in the post from the Institute of Network Cultures:

State Machines; Reflections and actions at the edge of digital citizenship, finance, and Art.

available for free:

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*slaps roof of an office building* this bad boy can fit so many mice in it

Under pressure from a Union amd the US State Department, the Government of agrees to end an abusive permit scheme that was facilitating slavery on Irish fishing boats.
Great: now let's also ban trawlers altogether and give those workers safe jobs raising sustainable food.

As a follow up to Banana Grammar, I found some Burger Grammar:

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Zuckerberg funded FB engineers to make a "personalized learning" platform for Kansas kids. Besides the educational concerns, how much personal data is this program storing indefinitely? Who gets access to it? #privacy

People go on about how white is, and it may he true for structural or cultural reasons. But also.. like, the very first thing to come out about XR was basically a video saying "we need to all go out and get arrested for the climate", and that's a strategy that's only vaguely safe for one ethnicity in the UK. So I figure the messaging of "instrumentalising arrests for media attention" is probably just offputting to POC (with good reason).

“The man who wrote one of environmentalism’s most-cited essays was a racist, eugenicist, nativist and Islamaphobe—plus his argument was wrong” by

Calling all radical gamedevs!

Some anarchists have started up a Discord server to discuss the development of a Stardew Valley-esque RPG set in an anarchist commune:

I'm late on this, but sharing in case others have also not heard: Emily Dickinson was totes a lesbian, and the proof was censored out of her letters by her lover's husband's mistress. spectrographic technology allowed the censored parts to be revealed! and there's a movie out about it now.

After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

#DRM #EME #Google

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Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
TEA! dum dum dum dum AH-AHHHHH

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