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🐈it's me your catdad🕺 @catdad@octodon.social

Chud baby boomers at work just discovered breaking bad and wont shut up about it. Can we fucking not?

This explanation of Bitcon written by AI makes about as much sense as anything else I've seen: botnik.org/content/bitcoin.htm

Kid dynamite might be the most underrated band ever. Prove me wrong

Simone named "Chuck Yeager" replyed to my Craigslist ad asking what number to call me. Not today cia

Do people still think msg gives your cancer or males your dick explode or whatever every mom in the 90s regurgitated

2 day shipping actually means "if it inconvenient for us, 3 days"

weird self subtoot/shitpost Show more

Writing down all your column names and calling it a "standard", doesn't actually make it a standard, it makes you an asshole.

the bee movie but every time someone says bee you have to reset your password

If yanni wore pants would the be blue/black or white/gold?

My gf threw out the journal I keep the record for everything I do to my car because "it looked like junk"

Just swapped out a server with 64GB of RAM. Wewlad