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Emma found out how to get.under the sink.

LIFEHACK: make a bit of extra cash by putting negative signs on the prices of things you buy, restaurant bills, etc

I like how a chunk of new users.think they are witty or cleaver by making the same jokes here, yet they haven't figured out how to us cw and image descriptions as jokes/ puntchlines

If you have to reveal your GPG key for an investigation, or to prove something, etc, reveal the session key, NOT the private key.

$ gpg --show-session-key --decrypt example.asc

Decryption w/ session key:

$ gpg --override-session-key xx:xxxxxxxxxxx --decrypt example.asc

Useful for many purposes, e.g. to allow another person to decrypt existing documents without re-encryption.

Why do people with kids literally have the inability to talk about anything else? Also stop asking me if I have them

Can Pennsylvania stop having garbage weather?

my fiancee told her dad shes letting me pick the band. i know this is a lie but im totally going to get a ska band.

Can we make it a law that all twitter screenshots have a cw

hahaha holy fuck these people are being unironic. also dont go here its a cursed link liberdon.com can we ban them preemptively?

bad take followup, people don't seem to think it's bad so I'm getting a bitmore abrasive there, addenum Show more

@Starbucksofficial Because we are a that needs to be seen as progressive and ethical in order to sell overpriced sugary drinks to wealthy white liberals, we needed to find a way to generate some good press about Starbucks and homelessness. So we partnered with the band Pearl Jam to promise to donate up to a measly (and tax deductable) half million dollars for homelessness causes.

This will do nothing to fix the causes of homelessness in Seattle, but helps our bottom line.

why the fuck did jester just show up on the federated timeline? whoever is following him, please delete your account

holy fuck the fed timeline is so fucking fast

cursed idea Show more

Ever see a new account pop up and the bio is cute and kind and written like a normal adult would write and there's inspirational quotes in the timeline and your first thought is "this is an FBI agent"?

my cat broke my barometer because shes an asshole