"chimneys are just toilets for very tall people."

-- fred dibnah. toilet abolitionist (1938-2004)

air frier + leftover fried chicken is a god tier combo

the "the fora" forums software might be the worse designed forum on the internet.

lol the local landfills weekend hours are 7am-11am saturday only. Thanks

@catdad At least one of my personal web sites redirects Brave users to homophobicshitcoinbrowser.com

is business real estate crash a new chud talking point or is my coworker a complete idiot? also it could be both too.

i was looking something up at work and the site gave me a popup telling me to use the brave browser. no thanks and get fucked

i love how my one cat pretends to be deaf but if you even whisper "you hungry?" anywhere in the house she comes charging in

i wish there was a youtube setting to stop recommending me videos ive already watched

Holy shit look at this BIG boy in our backyard. I think it’s a tomato hornworm but I’m not 100% sure. Any bug people wanna help me ID?

[img description: 3 photos of a large fat yellow-green caterpillar clinging to a twig, two photos with an adult white hand behind it for size reference ; It is about 5 inches long and has thin yellowish diagonal line markings running along its body]

these costco wireless bug zappers have 650v between the wires, but im pretty sure they arent UV leds and just blue ones

hows everyone morning so far? it took an 11 minute call to get my dealership appointment moved back a week

can anyone explain to me why i literally cant pay an electrician to do work? like did they all just get up and decide to change careers or something?

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