see yall in lockdown in a month. my wife said literally no one else is wearing a mask. Also totally unrelated, the vaccination rate in the area is like 42%

i cant wait for every fucking chud to just not wear a mast and we have a new variant that the vaccine doesnt stop in 2 months

i forgot tzatziki sauce and flat breads so i used taco shells and artichoke dip. i regret nothing.

my coworker is complaining about hottub boobie streamers on twitch. i told him "git gud scrub" lol

it is painfully obvious when someone that has never done technical writing before writes documentation. I dont need a fucking 2 paragraph story, just tell me the steps do it

woops i forgot to put sunscreen on and have a farms tan burn from 1/2 way up my bicep to my wrists. wearing gloves all day really is the cherry on the top

the credit union is having shred day and i thought it said shrek day :(

i love how we cant use wild cards in commands run as root in centrify at work. you know that is in place because someone really fucked something up badly.

It feels like there is water in my one ear but there isnt.

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