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🐈it's me your catdad🕺 @catdad@octodon.social

Why didn't anyone tell me motion controls makes splatoon 2 like 10x easier. Still suck tho

I can't help but feel very suspiscious when someone brings up blockchains in a conversation about decentralization. I just don't really buy into it at all. Social applications on top of Ethereum? Yeah, love to ruin the planet with proof of work algorithms just to post a cat gif.

I'm glad to see that James Dickhead lost his lawsuit against Google. Now every time some dude claims "the media was taking him out of context!" I can point out that even a court didn't believe that shit. Can't wait for the channers in class to bring it up again.

My phone autodetects chromecasts. Time to figure how to disable that

my 6 year old mouse is starting to die, anyone have any recommendations for mouses?

I got new glasses and everything looks a bit more 3d. Also walking is a bit weird

Im seeing a lot of shitty takes but what if all gun owners were held to the same standard and training as cops? Since people have no issue with cups having guns, basicly no training they receive and just saying "they feared for their life" should be enough for everyone.

Well I made the mistake of checking the time line here.

Flexing the muscles on "big" machines at work is fun

someone stole my credit card info and spend over 200$ at a gas station on the other side of the state. lol

i love the fact that my insurance doesnt base their rate increase on how fast i was speeding. moral of the story, set new highscores

i think my cat can see through the vertical blinds when closed

im pretty sure my cat knows that if shes bad enough and loud enough ill pick her up

Why does my cat like my gf's stinky gym shoes?

why does mastodon keep logging me out on desktop?

I hate to admit it but blue Mt dew is actually good. Also it makes you a hacker