I wonder how many cars actually fail state inspection because its a rather low bar to pass and a yearly inconvenience

its not even cold out why are my lips getting chapped so badly

oh i remember what i needed to do. i needed to call the dealership about where my filters and plug are

there was something i knew i needed to do today but i forgot ill probably remember an hour before i go to bed

USPS going the extra mile for my torn 5$ off honeybaked ham coupon

oh boy i love buying games digitally so i can own a non transferable non refundable license to play the game on certain devices in perpetuity at the discretion of the publisher and/or merchant until the store goes down

you heard of truck nuts get ready for Truck Bells™ for Subs

Look im just trying to do the minimum to still get a check. Is that really too much to ask?

Where can I enlist for the war on Christmas? I want that sweet sweet valor and 5% discounts

what should be on fire: cops

what should be given love and pets: doggos

As if they didn't already, now just looking to make it official.

FBI seeks to monitor Facebook, oversee mass social media data collection | ZDNet - zdnet.com/article/fbi-seeks-to

I saw someone with a weezer front plate on thier car today. Is it 2002?

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