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paredolia ☔ express

for my next trick, i will eat breakfast

sold my PO-14, and also i want to trade my volca fm for volca beats. but i filled it with stickers of leaves and mushrooms

sky review: an invasion of alien vapours. drippy shapes, very large. many shades, many agendas... 5/5

"most sharp things pointing up through the foilage have a little house close by"

2 tape loops played through a walkman that doesn't keep pitch Show more

computers are bullshit now. you buy a faster computer and it's slower

every time i turn off a light, i turn on a smaller light

hey, there's a switch on an old camcorder battery here. one side has a red dot, that's the only markings. i wonder what it's for

snap, i left all my batteries behind and i'm helpless without them

oh no - drinking can damage the brain!

I've found a great secluded path around town, in the outskirts of the southern forest. however it's constantly raining here?

if you're reading this you're not offline