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paredolia ☔ express @cat_abyss

I've found a great secluded path around town, in the outskirts of the southern forest. however it's constantly raining here?

if you're reading this you're not offline

deeper than death is to be alive and asleep

sleep as an escape from boredom, again

on a day like this you might invite something peculiar

idiot deers they get horny and have sex with each other and lay 30,000 deer eggs and suddenly your constantly dodging them in ur car

@jalefkowit haha! very true! but it's already hosted of a raspi with 8mbps uplink... might as well make the most of it

@jszym ah shit, gradients are cool! invert mouse is a little too active i think, but maybe just change the cursor image? idk.

how would i make a web site as non-conventional as possible? or just confusing works
i already have the layout randomizing on each page load (it's tile based), and i'm thinking of having a maybe 10% chance that each link leads to something else
it's a portfolio website i guess? but I'm slowly filling it with crap

me: awoo

you: no awooing! hehe ha ha.. ho ho..

me: fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tmrw i get keys to my new apartment on campus

almost a year since i watched zootopia?

train dream where the tracks are all weird and the trains come and go as they please and theres a big crash in the end where the power lines snap and go all over

it's it ok to spread dandelion seeds if they look ripe? is it ok to pluck the dandelion at this stage (what happens to the leaves without the stem (heck, is it multi-yeared?)?)? where does it live? open areas?