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do a handful of stuff also contain no stuff? is the no stuff also there, underneath?

@cat_abyss hmm. A handful of stuff can be divided into different sets of stuff, so a handful could be a superset, which means yes it can contain the empty set. (Where the empty set, by definition, has no stuff in it and so is 'the no stuff', as you say.)

@cat_abyss but this is really just me being a mathematician and thinking about things in terms of set theory. Although I like the idea of it. Or perhaps it is more that I like how it sounds and what it evokes in words. I like when mathematics sounds a bit like philosophy or poetry.

ekhaga satellite watch @cat_abyss

@Vanessa me too, if math is what it is! the question is probably of such a nature, i think... even if it's abstract, it's nice to believe it.

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