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*unexpected attack beatles documentary on tv* oh shit *unmutes $50000 sonos system* this is actually interesting

ohhh lamedrop works on mac (via wine). nothing can stop me now

so anyway when's the magnetic pole swap due

read «catherine house», it's probably not actually a good book but i liked it anyway because i'm a little fucked up

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anonymous commenter #1:
suitable for digitigrade???

anonymous commenter #2:
Very good quality footwear. Don't know how my wife found these. Definitely recommend them!!

anonymous commenter #3:
does anyone know are these digitigrade-compatible?

anonymous commenter #4:
SHOCKING that a supposed 'ethical' company won't even give out basic product information. what a sham

anonymous commenter #5:
suitable for digitigrade?????

my website is down because im on 4 hours of sleep and they did some power maintenance in the building which cycled the apartment power and the thinkpad where the server is doesnt autostart and anyway the laptop with an accepted ssh key is in another room with no battery juice left and even so i dont remember exactly what docker containers to start since i forgot to define systemd services last time i cared

if you run the tap in the other room the whole place will Stink Of Egg

if the water pillar is not intercepted by a glass, it hits metal (sharp sound) and is carried away in pipes, and later undergoes extreme chemical treatments in a faraway location

if there wouldve been some sort of moss or perhaps a mold colony in the sink, this would've caught the water and produced a much more delightful sound


read fourteen in 2020... top three, in chronological order:

❇️ amal el-mothar, max gladstone «this is how you lose the time war»

incredible love story! incredible sci-fi! everyone must read this!!!!!!!!!!

❇️ jeff vandermeer «dead astronauts»

very weird but beautiful. wonderful vibe. apparently there's three books i shoudlve read before

❇️ susanna clarke «piranesi»

clarke wrote strange&norrel which was or is my all time favourite, so i had high hopes for piranesi and oh boy!!! oh boy

metal body really spreads the heat to both entire palms

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in the cold cold cave that is my home the macbook is a real asset because it gets so hot just displaying a webpage that it warms my hands

the body is stretched out; celestial cat proving her length

bandcamp release plug
these are five year old and pretty silly "fakebit" tunes 🤷‍♀️ releasing them at all so i can get closure, releasing them today so i can say i did anything 2020

looking for: village with denizens to steal from and possibly subjugate
found: a horse looking at the ocean

dream w/ murder 

dreamt that i chased down and shot the boss of the modeling agency slash gourmet restaurant where i worked, and eloped with another model. she didn't know me before but was so impressed with me killing the gross guy that she took my hand and we ran together...

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