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my fursona is a RAT (remote access trojan)

anyone know a good preferably non-destructive way to add a lasting tactile /something/ to a keyboard key?

my instinct is to just carve a little in it with a knife, but it'd be nice to not have to do that

navigating my file system in weird and erratic ways in order to throw off anyone shadowing me, so that they never learn the location of my secret folder

Bath Bombs Are Fake The Bubbles Are Actually Hand Delivered By Some Sort Of Interdimensional Elves

i've been working as a programmer for a year now and i hate it, people just want to hire me for evil things. secretly daydreaming about being a train driver instead, but i've slowly realized that perhaps that's not very un-evil either... what with moving maersk containers around

current outfit gives me like -25% mobility on account of being so heavy

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If my computer says "100% disk", that's good, right? Like "100% organic".

(for reference - they make these small lego-ish figures from discard circuit boards)

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thankx to whoever tooted about xalipha (forgot to save the reference; maybe it was in someones conversation). anyway just ordered a lil fella. still don't know if it's for me or for my flatmate since it seems we are spending christmas alone together

when you alternate between two plugs in the same outlet and their cords tangle together like the tails of cats

oK so i'll never get actual c64 hardware and i'll never get defmon comfortable in an emulator BUT maybe i can make some cool snare samples

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