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paredolia ☔ express @cat_abyss

in a related note. sawtooths sounds cooler when timestretched. or am-ing themselves

i just bought the doepfer diy kit #1 and a disting :o

i just vored an insect while biking

if you die in blood minecraft, you die in real life

once again, i fall in the trap: visual information is weightless, thus not descriptive of physicality, thus not real

summer is soon over and then so is this job!

what i want: dog people
what i get: germans ordering food

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"the raving void" makes me think about a kind of render horizon for the internal world-image, and all the sounds we hear that orginate beyond it

my father visited my flat for a short while to fetch me my tele lens but he also unplugged my router bc. wasting electricity, so my website is down, my nextcloud is down, my mail is down, and i cant fix it until the end of august

world's end girlfriend released a new album though

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now that i think about it, six states is probably too many? caught in the trap that more complex = better