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cat ☔ abyss @cat_abyss

what is a great soundcard with midi out and XLR in and not so much more

a day holds a few hours worth of days

Once you break 1000 posts the elders declare you worthy and bestow upon you your fursona

ever afraid someone is gonna call me out on pretending to fit in

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there are waves on my shore

burning train;roaring streetlights

the overall sky seems brighter in this rain than how i remeber it on a sunny day? maybe the clouds even out the light.

where did this weather come from? ...where was it made

putting up these... some mspaint glitchy looking things. maybe a map?

(also these lense flares :o - got an old vivitar f/2.5 from the 70s and it does all this whacky stuff)

there is some residue after sleep, some uncertainty that isn't removed until the first cup of coffee.
i worry it's meant to be there, that i get rid of it too soon.

a "technical device" not "belonging on the scene"

my present is trying to constantly relive the past through different lenses

results of asking my divination students to write a javascript/p5js function that generates random numbers (without using built-ins like random() or Math.random()) top one is Math.random() for reference. (a few students cheated and used the noise() function in p5js :smirk:)

meaning and expectation is embedded in the landscape

a sunrise is painfully short

i rest on the balcony. it's early morning. the wind tousles my hair, the streets are abandoned.