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I am writing a pokey little program to read rss/atom feeds, among other things. That's fun, let's all not follow the spec. Anyway, the program trips on a shiny rock and hits its head and eats 99% of memory almost immediately. An interesting error.

dang. 71000 files in my grabbed images folder. seems low.

Every four months or so I do an image search and then way, way down in the results there are barely-related images that I can tell are going to add hours, maybe even days to my research.

That used to be a good thing; now it's a bad thing. I'd like to be done with this portion.

I just watched a minute of a TV game show and I wanted to crawl out of my own skin.

Worker bee at hardware store just ripped plywood sheet at 12" when I said 14" three times. Spent hours figuring out cuts, proper dimensions, etc. So, new lesson: mark your own wood, cut it yourself, run the till, and do the accounting for the hardware store. Run security at night.

The pinterest search field text reads: "Search for easy dinners, fashion, etc"

I don't know why I find the phrase "easy dinners" so uproarious. Probably half of it has to do with my profound hatred of pinterest. Pinterest should automatically run tineye on every posted image, give me back a year of my life.

Keep having to edit maston variable width add-on to re-add "whee"

I never used emojis that much, but now I feel sort of naked because there are no party parrots available here.

Ha ha! I -interacted- with people today! [FX: crawls back in hole for 2.7 years]

Honestly the only thing I use my cellphone for these days is to block callers. I'd rather just make a whitelist.

I am reading about this Chocoball "box of toys" that was introduced last year. This is a partial translation of the page at

Choco Balls Please send 1 piece of gold angel when various beaks, 5 pieces of silver if gold, please specify address, name, age, gender, phone number and postcard or sealed letter. I will give you a gift that will be damned.

Dang, hardcore.

The Grossout got a big ole' shipment of iced coffee, they're sellin' 'em at 0.50USD for 11.1oz so now I have a small crowd of perfectly-sized iced coffees staring down at me from various nooks and crannies in my crammed livingtimearea. Last time my consumption thereof coordinated with a sudden rise in insomnia episodes, I'll be keeping an eye on that. Your cards and letters are touching but are not helping. At all.

Not that that does me any good, because: things sold in Japan are expensive. Buying things from the United States that are sold in Japan is more expensive and time-consuming.

Also I don't buy white t-shirts. Anyone? White t-shirts ewww? Yeah?

Saw Chocoball t-shirt on Glico birdsite account. "It's only available for a short time!" Reload page, it's gone. Wow, that is short.

so many colorful vegetables at the farmer's market, if only they were edible

My computer is performing its yearly scheduled breakdown. My old laptop still has a extremely noisy fan because Acer welded it to the heat sink (originally it was removable). Tempted to use the angle grinder on it but I only feel like doing it when I need it the most, so I don't.

lost about $60 in groceries in the great power outage of 2017, now I have discovered I am reluctant to stock up when shopping in the supermarket. "How do I know I will not lose these babies? How do I know ... anything?" [FX: zones out for five minutes in aisle bottleneck, blocking at least seventeen people]

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