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The Grossout got a big ole' shipment of iced coffee, they're sellin' 'em at 0.50USD for 11.1oz so now I have a small crowd of perfectly-sized iced coffees staring down at me from various nooks and crannies in my crammed livingtimearea. Last time my consumption thereof coordinated with a sudden rise in insomnia episodes, I'll be keeping an eye on that. Your cards and letters are touching but are not helping. At all.

Not that that does me any good, because: things sold in Japan are expensive. Buying things from the United States that are sold in Japan is more expensive and time-consuming.

Also I don't buy white t-shirts. Anyone? White t-shirts ewww? Yeah?

Saw Chocoball t-shirt on Glico birdsite account. "It's only available for a short time!" Reload page, it's gone. Wow, that is short.

so many colorful vegetables at the farmer's market, if only they were edible

My computer is performing its yearly scheduled breakdown. My old laptop still has a extremely noisy fan because Acer welded it to the heat sink (originally it was removable). Tempted to use the angle grinder on it but I only feel like doing it when I need it the most, so I don't.

lost about $60 in groceries in the great power outage of 2017, now I have discovered I am reluctant to stock up when shopping in the supermarket. "How do I know I will not lose these babies? How do I know ... anything?" [FX: zones out for five minutes in aisle bottleneck, blocking at least seventeen people]

Still continually surprised book sellers on popular electronic auction sites endlessly refuse to put the title of the book in the auction title. I'm fifteen parsnips short of a hog county mile, but even to me this seems like a sure way to get relevant eyeballs lamping your junk.

I had a nice easter with a casual all-day drip line of mimosas and tiny peanut butter cups and friends and MITCHELL and petting doggos and cattos. I had to explain what the D.R.E.A.D. card was and why I had one (10% discount at one of 23 participating Harmony House record stores) along with YMCA/Hot Chocolate records (because 10% is 10%).

Found a discarded packet of Cool Lip[R], some sort of tobacco ch[e/a]w-like product from India. The instructions on the packet consist of three bullet points.

* POP it under upper lip
* Wait a few minutes for a TINGLE
* ENJOY the true freshness of tabbaq

Pop, tingle, enjoy. I am prepped.

I want that Barbicide glass jar the Barbicide website only sells a little bleah plastic tub

want jar

delicious blue liquid


Every day I start Mastodon and Federated reaches back about three minutes, but my local timeline is usually about a day behind.

Started to read an article about sarcasm; first example of sarcasm is not an example of sarcasm. [FX: close tab sarcastically]

Thoughtin' Exercise: What if Twitter becomes an instance right now

[FX: 747 attaches itself to hummingbird]

A list of muted users would be handy. At this point I don't have a reason to block; I'm sure in the future I will ... but I've already muted ten or so accounts.

Pin a pointer to your Mastodon account on your Twitter account! It's win-win! YayyyYYYYyyyyyy

Housemate put ice in the dead freezer but left it open, defeating the purpose of saving the food. The food is dead RIP