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make all businesses co-ops

solved everything

you're welcome

I have to buy a new mouse and keyboard but I can't test them beforehand what happened to the haptic [SPELLCHECK: "hamster"] promise of 1992-1995

I don't understand why Julian Cope's microphone stand doesn't have its own web page by now

[Cardhouse] The Story of The Christmas Bricks Sermon/Recitation In Three Parts

[Cardhouse] Trader Joe's FAQ product update January 2018. Keywords: creamy, creaminess, creamy, creamy

Like, immediately, warehouse/living space required. First the new owner gave us thirty days, then the realtor walked back on a handshake deal. I was non-surprised both times.

Looking for warehouse-type space for four people (3-phase 220v ideal) or some kind of living arrangement for one person in bay area. No food shares.

How did "image dims when you mouse over it" become a thing

it should not be a thing

More Trader Joe's products reviewed in a frank and disturbing manner

[Cardhouse] Second update, Cardhouse historical history 1994-. [FX: OLDS right in your face]

Yeah I'm going to go ahead and add the word "flyer" to the dictionary. But thanks for calling that to my attention.

I love having a cheap self-built desk. "You know, you could get that cord over to the power strip if there was a hole right ..."

[SFX: drill noise]

Trader Joe's food review: "... all the flavor has been replaced by a giant dollop of Neutral Filler (you can buy this at Costco; a cubic yard of it on a pallet costs a quarter and if you return the pallet you get a dollar back ... it's like that I Love The Lucy episode where Lucy blasts out of her own reality tunnel with a massive dose of LSD and frees all the animals from the local zoo [it scared a number of child viewers/remote viewers; there was an investigation but no charges])."

@jpmens I just asked someone that the other day ... he said "Atom was the the thing for a while, but Microsoft's VSCode is the new hotness." Haven't had a chance to check out either.

None of my friends seem to remember that the movie Clue (1985) was a remake of a similar film from the early 70s.

oh i can rewrite my weblog program it will only take a week

(one month later)

who am i

You pick up little things from the wretched media, accidental wordplay you'd perhaps never think of. CBS Whatever This Morning called the warning sent by a coal company to This Week Tonight a "decease and desist" letter.

It's okay you can show me more than 45 items per web page, I'm a BIG boy