End of year 2018 Cardhouse t-shirt sale! For 20% off any selection, any quantity, enter "" in the coupon code field! GOTTA MOVE 'EM!

It's the end of the year so let's push out an update to the Trader Joe's product reviews and also add a new Grocery Outlet product review page ok

I am looking for a place to live in the bay area again, again, again. Housemates, a studio. Whatever.

Trying to re-fix the sad narrow widths of columns on this thing. Started reading github, started pulling out my hair.

make all businesses co-ops

solved everything

you're welcome

I have to buy a new mouse and keyboard but I can't test them beforehand what happened to the haptic [SPELLCHECK: "hamster"] promise of 1992-1995

I don't understand why Julian Cope's microphone stand doesn't have its own web page by now

[Cardhouse] The Story of The Christmas Bricks Sermon/Recitation In Three Parts cardhouse.com

[Cardhouse] Trader Joe's FAQ product update January 2018. Keywords: creamy, creaminess, creamy, creamy cardhouse.com/a/joes.htm

Like, immediately, warehouse/living space required. First the new owner gave us thirty days, then the realtor walked back on a handshake deal. I was non-surprised both times.

Looking for warehouse-type space for four people (3-phase 220v ideal) or some kind of living arrangement for one person in bay area. No food shares.

How did "image dims when you mouse over it" become a thing

it should not be a thing

More Trader Joe's products reviewed in a frank and disturbing manner


[Cardhouse] Second update, Cardhouse historical history 1994-. [FX: OLDS right in your face]


Yeah I'm going to go ahead and add the word "flyer" to the dictionary. But thanks for calling that to my attention.

I love having a cheap self-built desk. "You know, you could get that cord over to the power strip if there was a hole right ..."

[SFX: drill noise]

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