I guess with this storm about to hit NYC, it's not a bad moment to come down with a cold.

Today's agenda:
1. Go to the mall; exchange Christmas gifts for sweaters that actually fit
2. Go to the gym; run
3. Stay inside; it's actually colder than Antarctica out there
4. Eggnog

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Mankind's first mission to Mars is a high risk venture. Mission planners secretly include a skilled magic user on the crew roster with orders not to reveal themselves unless things go seriously wrong.
#writingprompts #writing

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I may have eaten one too many Tacomas tacos. Time for emergency power nap. Then return to tacoing.

I'm fascinated by the melody and orchestration of these two lines:

"What purpose does beauty even serve these days? / What purpose does beauty even serve these days / besides a little titillation?"

("Britney Spears," from "You Us We All" by Shara Worden and Andrew Ondrecjak)


I understand the sentiment, but the finger snapping is a bit exuberant.


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I should probably stop bidding on slide projectors on eBay. I only want three.

Waiting for my plane at LaGuardia. The flickering florescent light in this hallway is particularly depressing.


Happy to see that Louisiana is starting to prepare for sea level rise on a large scale.

New York, let's get to work!


Pizza night was a success! The best one we came up with was Brie, candied blood orange, and walnuts on a whole wheat crust.

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@sanspoint Srsly, why hasn't this happened, yet?

(Not that we won't all say we're going and then flake out because the MTA is running badly and it's cold and possibly snowing outside and also we were just really tired from that thing yesterday.)

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This place is so nice, and it's full of so many nice people

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"Frog and Toad are Friends with Benefits"

I think I'll start putting glitter in the blue part of my hair for the Christmas and New Years season.

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