That feeling when you complete a version upgrade on your home instance and aren't sure things are still federating properly.

So, I've made a little proof-of-concept GNU Social webpage widget. It's kinda shaky, but it works. In theory, it should also work with Mastodon feeds.

Problem being, the current version depends on being able to read the Atom feed of an account from Javascript, which current Mastodon versions won't allow. So that's kinda a drag.

But, it works on GNU Social installs, so at least that's progress!

(I'm working on making a functional test on my comic's site)

Upon glancing at the Wikipedia page for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, I got as far as "The logo of the vulnerability" before I started wondering how the vulnerability's marketing team came to that logo and whether I should contact the vulnerability's PR department to learn more.

That's when I realized tech reporting was dead.

At first I was quite annoyed that Konsole began crashing on me out of the blue (though others have filed bugs with KDE for the same crash message). Then I remembered there's literally like hundreds of X-based terminal emulators for POSIX-ish systems, almost all of which fit the category of "good enough".

So, I'll just shuffle the deck and draw... ROXTerm. Yeah, a gnome-terminal-alike without GNOME dependencies should do.

I dunno, maybe I should make a different icon for the Octodon instance. My solo instance will probably be mostly used as a website widget once I code that up. I think I mentioned that before.

I mentioned this on my other instance (still not sure how I'll manage these in the end), but the ten pages of the cold-open part of the Chapter Eight intro are done. The more traditional intro (wherein I detail some concept in the universe that will be explored in this chapter) is next, and then the chapter TRULY begins.

Idea: Make a website that doesn't use cookies and displays a popup declaring this (a la the scaryscary "This website uses cookies" warnings that are apparently still a thing in 2017). Of course, the popup should explain that, because there are no cookies on the website, it can't tell you've already seen it, so it will show up on every page you visit on the site.

Oh, right. I'm still not completely certain which of these will be my "main", either Octodon or my own personal GNU Social instance. I mean, in theory, either should work just as well, right?

Also, Proof 3 arrived. THIS time I think I've got it. The walls have the stronger darkening going on but the characters don't, which makes the whole thing pop a bit more. That oughta work.

I didn't attend the University of Chicago. I've never even been TO the University of Chicago. I don't think I could name any pertinent information about the University of Chicago. But still, probably because it's a very very insane list, I've at least kept track of the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt lists for years now. 2017's is up.

Hm... it might be simpler than I thought to make an embeddable widget for OStatus-like thingamajigs. Here I was looking around for a server API, when suddenly I remembered: Atom feeds. Right. Those exist for a reason.

I'll just need to wind back up into Javascript to see if I can rig up a proof of concept with my own server. Laziness permitting, of course.

There! Proof 2 has arrived. Much better colors, much better margins. Only, there's some weird scaling artifacts on the cover that I need to deal with. CreateSpace's oddball automated system strikes again, I guess...

I now wonder if you can easily embed Mastodon (GNU Social, etc, etc) into a website, much like how people do with Twitter. I'd think it wouldn't be hard, given you should just be able to read from the API...

Just to be clear, I AM getting Chapter Eight of the DoM started. I've just had a lot of other distractions lately keeping me from the art bits. The general outline of the chapter is pretty stable, I just need to flesh it out with details. And art.

Oh. So THAT'S why gpg-agent wasn't working on my server all this time. I keep forgetting that gpg1 and gpg2 can coexist, and that on Whicheverbuntu boxes, they tend to for historical reasons, yet only one version of gpg-agent does at a time...

Thanks, latest version of Chromium, for letting me know there are printers on this network that can be added to Cloud Print. I work at a printer company, doing firmware work. Half the printers you found are probably fakes running on emulators that will cease to exist next time the dev needs to rebuild.

There. I think I've fixed enough of the issues I had with the first proof of the book to order another one. A friend is also reviewing what I've got to make sure it's not totally insane. I sure hope she's not annoyed with how often I was changing it before now...

Well, good. Now that federation is going smoothly, I should really decide what I want to do with the other instance. Maybe step one is changing the avatar icon on one of the two, at least.

Having just beaten Yooka-Laylee, I suddenly appreciate just how many people in the world are apparently named "Aaron".

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