finally bottled my latest . it's a truffle stout, so I called it "Proof of Wort"

a truffle ! I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm sure the result will be interesting!

went snowboarding last week, got on the slopes right in time for the end of the season on the Dolomites
weather was great, sunny clear sky with soft snow

will be off work until Jan. I wonder if I got enough coffee to last until then?

a couple of weeks later but I finally built my hidiot!

now what to do with it, I have no clue

I don't understand ring0 nor virtualization stuff but this still sounds super interesting

Historical crypto Q&A time @ , everyone's going crazy about the Voynich! (hat has been barely mentioned by the end of the talk lol 😂 )

at 44con 2017!
Intro highlight: "And please, stop playing with the venue wifi. We have a CTF, go play there!"

"Who is outraged at surveillance?" Not many hands up. Come on, as technologists we need to play our part in driving awareness!

Angular is so broken from a security perspective can we just stop using it? Pleasepleaseplease!

No conference, dev or sec, is complete without a talk about microservices!

"Adding a second bathroom to your house later on is hard, expensive and feels bolted on. Adding security later is the same"

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