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i hate boss battles. especially in 3D games where the camera keeps swinging somewhere unhelpful 😡😡😡😡

I'm having trouble searching for this one, so I'll ask here: have any of you collected articles about the effect of certain types of language ("rock star", "hacker") in tech job descriptions, and the effects on hiring of traditionally marginalized groups? #hiring #LazyWeb

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You might think Björk is an electronic art hero of mine because of her music.

But no.

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TIL how to get a small vowel when typing in katakana (at least in OS X and Gnome): type 'x' before the vowel. Typing 'tei' gives テイ; typing 'texi' gives ティ.

if wishes were horses, there would be too many horses

like, every wish suddenly becoming a horse? chaos, horses everywhere

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most zombie movies don’t interest me much any more, but there are 2 coming out this year that i might see: THE DEAD DON’T DIE (jim jarmusch zombie film) and BLOOD QUANTUM (canadian indigenous director and cast)

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i wish i felt more comfortable sharing things that i like. part of it is that i am not good at articulating what it is i like about things, i guess. and i am self-conscious about my tastes, too

Rabbit found this cool D&D town map generator that also lets you move things around and add/remove stuff and set up major features. It looks fun!

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i love the kid & balloon references in spider-man PS4. those missions in spider-man 2 for ps2 kinda sucked but i kind of miss seeing all of those kids with balloons wandering around manhattan. there seem to be no kids at all in spider-man ps4

i have a mild* cold so tonight i am staying home spider-manning instead of going out

*hope it stays mild too <<knocks on wood>>

Friday Night Homebody Club, make some noise!

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